Learn Farsi in 100 Days: Day 25: Seeing a Doctor – Part 4

Learn Farsi in 100 Days course

Welcome to Day 25, Part 4 of our “Learn Farsi in 100 Days” series! In this final lesson of the day, we will focus on enhancing your reading skills and expanding your medical vocabulary. The video, hosted by the author of the book “Learn Farsi in 100 Days,” features a reading passage about the renowned Persian physician and philosopher, Avicenna (Ibn Sina), and introduces new vocabulary related to the topic of seeing a doctor.

Reading About Avicenna

In this segment, you will listen to a reading passage about Avicenna. Avicenna is one of the most significant figures in the history of medicine, known for his contributions to medical science and philosophy. This passage will provide you with insights into his life and achievements, helping you connect with the rich history of Persian medical knowledge.

New Medical Vocabulary

Alongside the reading, the video introduces new medical vocabulary. These words are crucial for understanding and discussing medical topics in Farsi. Expanding your vocabulary in this area will improve your ability to describe symptoms, understand medical advice, and communicate effectively with healthcare professionals.

Watch the Video “Learn Farsi in 100 Days” Day 25- Part 4

Make sure to watch the video to get the complete lesson. The author provides clear pronunciation and context for each new word, making it easier for you to learn and remember. Listening to the reading passage will also enhance your comprehension skills and familiarize you with the correct usage of the new vocabulary.

In summary, Day 25, Part 4 focuses on improving your reading skills. You’ll read a passage about Avicenna. You’ll also expand your medical vocabulary. Watch the video to get the full lesson. Practice the new content regularly. You’ll significantly enhance your Farsi abilities.

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