Learn Farsi in 100 Days: Day 88: Good News – Part 3

Learn Farsi in 100 Days course

Welcome to Part 3 of Day 88 in our “Learn Farsi in 100 Days” series. Today, we focus on conversations about good news, specifically discussing a job promotion. Additionally, we will learn a useful Persian idiom. This video is perfect for enhancing your conversational skills and expanding your understanding of Persian expressions.

Receiving a promotion is exciting news. In this lesson, we provide a sample conversation about a job promotion. You’ll learn how to congratulate someone, ask about their new role, and share your excitement.

Idioms add color to any language. Today, we introduce an idiom commonly used in Persian. Understanding idioms will make your conversations sound more natural and fluent. You’ll learn the meaning and usage of the idiom in different contexts.

Content of the YouTube Video “Learn Farsi in 100 Days“ – Day 88, Part 3

The YouTube video includes two main sections. First, it presents a dialogue about a job promotion. This segment helps you practice phrases and vocabulary related to promotions, making your conversations more dynamic and engaging.

The second part of the video introduces a Persian idiom. You’ll learn how to use this idiom correctly, enhancing your ability to understand and participate in everyday conversations.

Keep practicing, and don’t miss out on Part 4 of Day 88 for more in-depth learning. Consistent practice will bring you closer to fluency in Farsi.