Commentary on “Moses conceived a fear in his heart

Commentary on “Moses conceived a fear in his heart: We said, ‘Fear not, verily thou wilt be the superior.’” تفسیر اوجس فی نفسه خیفة موسی قلنا لا تخف انک انت الا علی

گفت موسی سحر هم حیران‌کنیست
چون کنم کین خلق را تمییز نیست
Moses said, “Magic too is a bewildering thing: how shall I act? for this people have no discernment.”
گفت حق تمییز را پیدا کنم
عقل بی‌تمییز را بینا کنم
God said, “I will produce discernment, I will make the undiscerning mind able to perceive (the truth).
گرچه چون دریا برآوردند کف
موسیا تو غالب آیی لا تخف
Howbeit they (the magicians) have raised up foam, like the sea, thou, O Moses, wilt prevail: fear not!”
بود اندر عهده خود سحر افتخار
چون عصا شد مار آنها گشت عار
Magic was glorious in its own time: when the rod became a dragon, those (magic arts) were disgraced.
هر کسی را دعوی حسن و نمک
سنگ مرگ آمد نمکها را محک
Every one pretends to excellence and elegance: the stone of Death is the touchstone for (these) elegances.
سحر رفت و معجزه‌ی موسی گذشت
هر دو را از بام بود افتاد طشت
Magic is gone and the miracle of Moses is past: as regards both, the bowl has fallen from the roof of (their) being.
بانگ طشت سحر جز لعنت چه ماند
بانگ طشت دین به جز رفعت چه ماند
What has the noise of the bowl of magic left behind but execration? What has the noise of the bowl of religion left behind but sublimity?
چون محک پنهان شدست از مرد و زن
در صف آ ای قلب و اکنون لاف زن
Since the touchstone has become hidden from man and woman, O adulterated coin, come now into line (with the genuine coin) and brag!
وقت لافستت محک چون غایبست
می‌برندت از عزیزی دست دست
Tis the time for thee to brag. Since the touchstone is absent, they will pass thee in honour from hand to hand.
قلب می‌گوید ز نخوت هر دمم
ای زر خالص من از تو کی کمم
The adulterated coin is ever saying to me arrogantly, “O pure gold, how am I inferior to thee?”
زر همی‌گوید بلی ای خواجه‌تاش
لیک می‌آید محک آماده باش
The gold says, “Yes, O fellow-servant; but the touchstone is coming: be prepared.”
مرگ تن هدیه‌ست بر اصحاب راز
زر خالص را چه نقصانست گاز
The death of the body is a (welcome) gift to the adepts of the mystery: what damage is (done by) the scissors to pure gold?
قلب اگر در خویش آخربین بدی
آن سیه که آخر شد او اول شدی
If the adulterated coin had seen the end in regard to itself, it would have become at first the black (thing) which it became in the end.
چون شدی اول سیه اندر لقا
دور بودی از نفاق و از شقا
Since (in that case) it would have become black at first, in confrontation (with the genuine coin) it would have been far from duplicity and damnation.
کیمیای فضل را طالب بدی
عقل او بر زرق او غالب بدی
It would have sought the elixir of (Divine) grace; its reason would have prevailed over its hypocrisy.
چون شکسته‌دل شدی از حال خویش
جابر اشکستگان دیدی به پیش
Since it would have become broken-hearted on account of its (evil) state, it would have seen before it Him who mends them that are broken.
عاقبت را دید و او اشکسته شد
از شکسته‌بند در دم بسته شد
(When) it saw the end and became broken (contrite), it was at once bandaged by the Bone-setter.
فضل مسها را سوی اکسیر راند
آن زراندود از کرم محروم ماند
The (Divine) grace impelled the pieces of copper towards the elixir; the gilt (coin) remained deprived of (Divine) bounty.
ای زراندوده مکن دعوی ببین
که نماند مشتریت اعمی چنین
O gilt one, do not make pretensions: recognise that thy purchaser will not (always) remain so blind.
نور محشر چشمشان بینا کند
چشم بندی ترا رسوا کند
The light of the place of congregation (at the Last Judgement) will cause their (the purchasers’) eyes to see and will expose thy blindfolding (of them).
بنگر آنها را که آخر دیده‌اند
حسرت جانها و رشک دیده‌اند
Look at those who have seen the end: they are a cause of regret to souls (that lack such clairvoyance) and the envy of the eye.
بنگر آنها را که حالی دیده‌اند
سر فاسد ز اصل سر ببریده‌اند
Look at those who have seen (only) the present: their inmost self is corrupt; they are radically decapitated (cut off from the Truth).
پیش حالی‌بین که در جهلست و شک
صبح صادق صبح کاذب هر دو یک
To the seer of the present, who is in ignorance and doubt, both the true dawn and the false dawn are one (and the same).
صبح کاذب صد هزاران کاروان
داد بر باد هلاکت ای جوان
The false dawn has given a hundred thousand caravans to the wind of destruction, O youth.
نیست نقدی کش غلط‌انداز نیست
وای آن جان کش محک و گاز نیست
There is no genuine money that has not a deceptive counterfeit: alas for the soul that does not possess the touchstone and scissors!




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