Commentary on the Tradition

Commentary on the Tradition, “Verily, I ask pardon of God seventy times every day.” تفسیر این حدیث کی ائنی لاستغفر الله فی کل یوم سبعین مرة

هم‌چو پیغامبر ز گفتن وز نثار
توبه آرم روز من هفتاد بار
Like the Prophet, I repent seventy times daily of speaking and giving out (mysteries);
لیک آن مستی شود توبه‌شکن
منسی است این مستی تن جامه کن
But that intoxication becomes a breaker of (vows of) penitence: this intoxication of the body causes oblivion and tears the robe (of penitence).
حکمت اظهار تاریخ دراز
مستیی انداخت در دانای راز
The (Divine) purpose of making manifest the (things of) long ago (the eternal things) cast an intoxication upon the knower of the mystery,
راز پنهان با چنین طبل و علم
آب جوشان گشته از جف القلم
(So that) with such drum and banner (conspicuousness) the hidden mystery has become water gushing from (the fountain of) “the Pen is dry.”
رحمت بی‌حد روانه هر زمان
خفته‌اید از درک آن ای مردمان
The infinite Mercy is flowing continually: ye are asleep to the perception thereof, O men!
جامه‌ی خفته خورد از جوی آب
خفته اندر خواب جویای سراب
The sleeper’s garment drinks water from the river, (while) the sleeper is seeking the mirage in his dream.
می‌رود که آنجای بوی آب هست
زین تفکر راه را بر خویش بست
He keeps running (to and fro), saying, “Yonder there is hope of water”: by this (false) thought he has barred the way against himself.
زانک آنجا گفت زینجا دور شد
بر خیالی از حقی مهجور شد
Because he said “yonder” he became far from here (from the place where the water is): (through resting) in a vain imagination he was banished from a reality.
دوربینانند و بس خفته‌روان
رحمتی آریدشان ای ره‌روان
They (the worldly) are far-seeing (for their selfish ends) and very fast asleep spiritually: take some mercy upon them, O travellers on the Way!
من ندیدم تشنگی خواب آورد
خواب آرد تشنگی بی‌خرد
I never saw thirst (eager desire) induce sleep: (only) the thirst of the unintelligent induces sleep. 
خود خرد آنست کو از حق چرید
نه خرد کان را عطارد آورید
The (true) intelligence, indeed, is that which was fed by God, not the intelligence that was bestowed by (the planet) Mercury.




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