Comparison of (the behaviour of)

Comparison of (the behaviour of) the heedless man who wastes his life and (only) begins to repent and ask pardon (of God) when he lies in extreme distress on his death-bed to the yearly mourning of the Shí‘ites of Aleppo at the Antioch Gate (of the city) during the ‘Áshúrá; and how a poet, who was a stranger, arrived (there) on his journey and asked what was the cause of these shrieks of mourning. تشبیه مغفلی کی عمر ضایع کند و وقت مرگ در آن تنگاتنگ توبه و استغفار کردن گیرد به تعزیت داشتن شیعه‌ی اهل حلب هر سالی در ایام عاشورا به دروازه‌ی انطاکیه و رسیدن غریب شاعر از سفر و پرسیدن کی این غریو چه تعزیه است

روز عاشورا همه اهل حلب باب انطاکیه اندر تا به شب
On the Day of ‘Áshúrá all the people of Aleppo gather at the Antioch Gate till nightfall,
گرد آید مرد و زن جمعی عظیم ماتم آن خاندان دارد مقیم
Men and women, a great multitude, and keep up a constant lamentation for the (Holy) Family.
ناله و نوحه کنند اندر بکا شیعه عاشورا برای کربلا
During the ‘Áshúrá the Shí‘ites wail and lament with tears and sobs on account of Karbalá.
بشمرند آن ظلمها و امتحان کز یزید و شمر دید آن خاندان
They recount the oppressions and tribulations which the (Holy) Family suffered at the hands of Yazíd and Shimr.
نعره‌هاشان می‌رود در ویل و وشت پر همی‌گردد همه صحرا و دشت
They utter shrieks mingled with cries of woe and grief: the whole plain and desert is filled (with their cries).
یک غریبی شاعری از راه رسید روز عاشورا و آن افغان شنید
A stranger, (who was) a poet, arrived from the road on the Day of ‘Áshúrá and heard that lamentation.
شهر را بگذاشت و آن سوی رای کرد قصد جست و جوی آن هیهای کرد
He left the city and resolved (to go) in that direction: he set out to investigate (the cause of) those shrill cries.
پرس پرسان می‌شد اندر افتقاد چیست این غم بر که این ماتم فتاد
He went along, asking many questions in his search “What is this sorrow? Whose death has occasioned this mourning?
این رئیس زفت باشد که بمرد این چنین مجمع نباشد کار خرد
It must be a great personage who has died: such a concourse is no small affair.
نام او و القاب او شرحم دهید که غریبم من شما اهل دهید
Inform me of his name and titles, for I am a stranger and ye belong to the town.
چیست نام و پیشه و اوصاف او تا بگویم مرثیه ز الطاف او
What is his name and profession and character? (Tell me) in order that I may compose an elegy on his gracious qualities.
مرثیه سازم که مرد شاعرم تا ازینجا برگ و لالنگی برم
I will make an elegy for I am a poet that I may carry away from here some provision and morsels of food.”
آن یکی گفتش که هی دیوانه‌ای تو نه‌ای شیعه عدو خانه‌ای
“Eh,” said one (of them), “are you mad? You are not a Shí‘ite, you are an enemy of the (Holy) Family.
روز عاشوار نمی‌دانی که هست ماتم جانی که از قرنی بهست
Don’t you know that the Day of ‘Áshúrá is (a day of) mourning for a single soul that is more excellent than a (whole) generation?
پیش ممن کی بود این غصه خوار قدر عشق گوش عشق گوشوار
How should this anguish (tragedy) be lightly esteemed by the true believer? Love for the ear-ring is in proportion to love for the ear.
پیش ممن ماتم آن پاک‌روح شهره‌تر باشد ز صد طوفان نوح
In the true believer’s view the mourning for that pure spirit is more celebrated than a hundred Floods of Noah.”




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