Concerning the interpretation

Concerning the interpretation, in a general sense, of the Verse: “as often as they kindle a fire for war.” در عموم تاویل این آیت کی کلما اوقدوا نارا للحرب

کلما هم اوقدوا نار الوغی اطفاء الله نارهم حتی انطفا
As often as they kindle the fire of (spiritual) warfare, God quenches their fire so that it is put out (entirely).
عزم کرده که دلا آنجا مه‌ایست گشته ناسی زانک اهل عزم نیست
He (such an one) makes a resolution, saying, “O (my) heart, do not stay there!” (but soon) he becomes forgetful, for he is not (really) resolute.
چون نبودش تخم صدقی کاشته حق برو نسیان آن بگماشته
Since there was no seed of sincerity sown by him, God has caused him to forget that (resolution).
گرچه بر آتش‌زنه‌ی دل می‌زند آن ستاره‌ش را کف حق می‌کشد
Though he strikes the match of his heart, the Hand of God is always extinguishing the star (spark).




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