Explaining that the door of repentance is open

Explaining that the door of repentance is open

Explaining that the door of repentance is open. بیان آنک در توبه بازست

هین مکن زین پس فراگیر احتراز
که ز بخشایش در توبه‌ست باز
Hark, do not act (so) henceforth, (but) take precaution, for through (God’s) bounty the door of repentance is open.
توبه را از جانب مغرب دری
باز باشد تا قیامت بر وری
From the quarter of the West a door of repentance is open to mankind till the Resurrection.
تا ز مغرب بر زند سر آفتاب
باز باشد آن در از وی رو متاب
Till the sun lifts up its head (rises) from the West, that door is open: do not avert thy face from it.
هست جنت را ز رحمت هشت در
یک در توبه‌ست زان هشت ای پسر
By the mercy (of God) Paradise hath eight doors: one of those eight is the door of repentance, O son.
آن همه گه باز باشد گه فراز
وآن در توبه نباشد جز که باز
All the others are sometimes open, sometimes shut; and never is the door of repentance but open.
هین غنیمت دار در بازست زود
رخت آنجا کش به کوری حسود
Come, seize the opportunity: the door is open: carry thy baggage thither at once in despite of the envious (Devil).




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