Explaining that (while) philosophers

Explaining that (while) philosophers

Explaining that (while) philosophers say that Man is the microcosm, theosophists say that Man is the macrocosm, the reason being that philosophy is confined to the phenomenal form of Man, whereas theosophy is connected with the essential truth of his true nature. در بیان آنک حکما گویند آدمی عالم صغریست و حکمای اللهی گویند آدمی عالم کبریست زیرا آن علم حکما بر صورت آدمی مقصور بود و علم این حکما در حقیقت حقیقت آدمی موصول بود

پس به صورت عالم اصغر توی
پس به معنی عالم اکبر توی
Therefore in form thou art the microcosm, therefore in reality thou art the macrocosm.
ظاهر آن شاخ اصل میوه است
باطنا بهر ثمر شد شاخ هست
Externally the branch is the origin of the fruit; intrinsically the branch came into existence for the sake of the fruit.
گر نبودی میل و اومید ثمر
کی نشاندی باغبان بیخ شجر
If there had not been desire and hope of the fruit, how should the gardener have planted the root of the tree?
پس به معنی آن شجر از میوه زاد
گر به صورت از شجر بودش ولاد
Therefore in reality the tree was born of the fruit, (even) if in appearance it (the fruit) was generated by the tree.
مصطفی زین گفت که آدم و انبیا
خلف من باشند در زیر لوا
Hence Mustafá (Mohammed) said, “Adam and the (other) prophets are (following) behind me under (my) banner.”
بهر این فرموده است آن ذو فنون
رمز نحن اخرون السابقون
For this reason that master of (all) sorts of knowledge has uttered the allegorical saying, “We are the last and the foremost.”
گر بصورت من ز آدم زاده‌ام
من به معنی جد جد افتاده‌ام
(That is to say), “If in appearance I am born of Adam, in reality I am the forefather of (every) forefather,
کز برای من بدش سجده‌ی ملک
وز پی من رفت بر هفتم فلک
Since the worship of the angels was (rendered) to him for my sake, and he ascended to the Seventh Heaven on my account.
پس ز من زایید در معنی پدر
پس ز میوه زاد در معنی شجر
Therefore in reality the Father (Adam) was born of me, therefore in reality the tree was born of the fruit.”
اول فکر آخر آمد در عمل
خاصه فکری کو بود وصف ازل
The thought (idea), which is first, comes last into actuality, in particular the thought that is eternal.
حاصل اندر یک زمان از آسمان
می‌رود می‌آید ایدر کاروان
To sum up, in a single moment the caravan is going from Heaven and coming here.
نیست بر این کاروان این ره دراز
کی مفازه زفت آید با مفاز
This way is not long for this caravan: how should the desert show itself formidable to him who has been granted success (by God)?
دل به کعبه می‌رود در هر زمان
جسم طبع دل بگیرد ز امتنان
The heart (spirit) is faring to the Ka‘ba at every moment, and through (Divine) bounty the body assumes the nature of the heart.
این دراز و کوتهی مر جسم راست
چه دراز و کوته آنجا که خداست
This longness and shortness appertains to the body: where God is, what is “long” and “short”?
چون خدا مر جسم را تبدیل کرد
رفتنش بی‌فرسخ و بی‌میل کرد
When God has transmuted the body, He makes its faring to be without league or mile.
صد امیدست این زمان بردار گام
عاشقانه ای فتی خل الکلام
There are a hundred hopes at this (present) time. Step (forward), O youth, like a (true) lover and relinquish (idle) disputation.
گرچه پله‌ی چشم بر هم می‌زنی
در سفینه خفته‌ای ره می‌کنی
Albeit thou art closing thine eyelids, thou art asleep in the ship and voyaging (in safety).




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