How David, on whom be peace

How David, on whom be peace, heard what both the litigants had to say, and interrogated the defendant. شنیدن داود علیه السلام سخن هر دو خصم وسال کردن از مدعی علیه

چونک داود نبی آمد برون گفت هین چونست این احوال چون
When the prophet David came forth, he asked, “What is all this about? What is the matter?”
مدعی گفت ای نبی الله داد گاو من در خانه او در فتاد
The plaintiff said, “O prophet of God, (give me) justice! My cow strayed into his house.
کشت گاوم را بپرسش که چرا گاو من کشت او بیان کن ماجرا
He killed my cow. Ask him why he killed my cow, and (bid him) explain what happened.”
گفت داودش بگو ای بوالکرم چون تلف کردی تو ملک محترم
David said to him (the poor man), “Speak, O noble one! How did you destroy the property of this honourable person?
هین پراکنده مگو حجت بیار تا به یک سو گردد این دعوی و کار
Take care! Do not talk incoherently, (but) bring forward (your) plea, in order that this claim and cause may be (settled and) laid aside.”
گفت ای داود بودم هفت سال روز و شب اندر دعا و در سال
He said, “O David, for seven years I was (engaged) day and night in invocation and entreaty.
این همی‌جستم ز یزدان کای خدا روزیی خواهم حلال و بی عنا
This (is what) I was seeking from God: ‘O God, (I said), I want a means of livelihood (that will be) lawful and without trouble (on my part).’
مرد و زن بر ناله من واقف‌اند کودکان این ماجرا را واصف‌اند
(Both) men and women are acquainted with my lamentation; the children (can) describe this happening.
تو بپرس از هر که خواهی این خبر تا بگوید بی شکنجه بی ضرر
Ask whomsoever thou wilt for information about this, so that he may tell (thee) without torture and without (suffering) harm.
هم هویدا پرس و هم پنهان ز خلق که چه می‌گفت این گدای ژنده‌دلق
Inquire of the people both and secretly what this beggar with the tattered cloak used to say.
بعد این جمله دعا و این فغان گاوی اندر خانه دیدم ناگهان
After all this invocation and outcry, suddenly I saw a cow in my house.
چشم من تاریک شد نه بهر لوت شادی آن که قبول آمد قنوت
My eye became dim, not on account of the food, (but) for joy that the supplication had been accepted.
کشتم آن را تا دهم در شکر آن که دعای من شنود آن غیب‌دان
I killed her that I might give (alms) in thankfulness that He who knoweth things unseen had hearkened to my prayer.”




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