How Moses prayed for that person

How Moses prayed for that person, that he might depart from the world (die) in the Faith. دعاکردن موسی آن شخص را تا بایمان رود از دنیا

موسی آمد در مناجات آن سحر کای خدا ایمان ازو مستان مبر
At dawn Moses began (his) orison, saying, “O God, do not take the Faith from him, do not carry it away!
پادشاهی کن برو بخشا که او سهو کرد و خیره‌رویی و غلو
Act in royal fashion, forgive him, for he has erred and behaved with impudence and transgressed exceedingly.
گفتمش این علم نه درخورد تست دفع پندارید گفتم را و سست
I said to him, ‘This knowledge is not meet for thee,’ (but) he deemed my words a thwarting (of his desire) and vain.”
دست را بر اژدها آنکس زند که عصا را دستش اژدرها کند
That one lays hands on the dragon (and that one alone) whose hand makes the rod a dragon.
سر غیب آن را سزد آموختن که ز گفتن لب تواند دوختن
To learn the secret of the Unseen is fitting for him (alone) who can seal his lips (and refrain) from speech.
درخور دریا نشد جز مرغ آب فهم کن والله اعلم بالصواب
None but the water-fowl is proper for the sea. Understand (this) and God best knoweth the right course.
او به دریا رفت و مرغ‌آبی نبود گشت غرقه دست گیرش ای ودود
“He (the obstinate man) went into the sea, and he was not a water-fowl: he sank. Take his hand (succour him), O Loving One!”




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