How the company (of the Seven) took offence

How the company (of the Seven) took offence at Daqúqí’s invocation and intercession, and flew away and disappeared in the Veil of the Unseen World; and how Daqúqí was bewildered (and did not know) whether they had gone into the air or on the earth. انکار کردن آن جماعت بر دعا و شفاعت دقوقی و پریدن ایشان و ناپیدا شدن در پرده‌ی غیب و حیران شدن دقوقی کی در هوا رفتند یا در زمین

چون رهید آن کشتی و آمد بکام شد نماز آن جماعت هم تمام
“When the ship was saved and (the voyagers) attained to their desire, simultaneously the (ritual) prayer of that company was finished.
فجفجی افتادشان با همدگر کین فضولی کیست از ما ای پدر
They began to murmur to one another, saying, ‘O father, which of us is this (interfering) busybody?’
هر یکی با آن دگر گفتند سر از پس پشت دقوقی مستتر
Each one spoke in secret to the other, (whilst they were) concealed (from view) behind Daqúqí’s back,
گفت هر یک من نکردستم کنون این دعا نه از برون نه از درون
And each one said, ‘I did not make this invocation just now, either externally or internally.’
گفت مانا این امام ما ز درد بوالفضولانه مناجاتی بکرد
He (one of the company) said, ‘It would seem that this Imám of ours, (moved) by grief, has meddlesomely offered an orison.’
گفت آن دیگر که ای یار یقین مر مرا هم می‌نماید این چنین
Said the other, ‘O thou who art familiar with (intuitive) certainty, so it appears to me too.
او فضولی بوده است از انقباض کرد بر مختار مطلق اعتراض
He has been meddlesome: (prompted) by distress he has interfered with Him who chooseth (as He pleaseth), the Absolute One.’
چون نگه کردم سپس تا بنگرم که چه می‌گویند آن اهل کرم
When I looked behind (me) to see what those noble ones were saying,
یک ازیشان را ندیدم در مقام رفته بودند از مقام خود تمام
I did not see one of them in their place: they had all gone from their place.
نه به چپ نه راست نه بالا نه زیر چشم تیز من نشد بر قوم چیر
(They were) neither on the left nor on the right nor above nor below: my keen eye was unable to find the company (anywhere).
درها بودند گویی آب گشت نه نشان پا و نه گردی بدشت
You might say that they were pearls (which) had become water: there was neither footprint nor any dust (to show where they had gone) in the desert.
در قباب حق شدند آن دم همه در کدامین روضه رفتند آن رمه
At that moment they all (had) entered into the tents of God: into what garden had the troop (of them) gone?
درتحیر ماندم کین قوم را چون بپوشانید حق بر چشم ما
I remained in amazement as to how God caused this company to be concealed from mine eye.”
آنچنان پنهان شدند از چشم او مثل غوطه‌ی ماهیان در آب جو
In such wise did they vanish from his eye, like the plunge of fishes into the water of a stream.
سالها درحسرت ایشان بماند عمرها در شوق ایشان اشک راند
During (many) years he continued to grieve for (the loss of) them; during (many) lifetimes he shed tears in longing for them.
تو بگویی مرد حق اندر نظر کی در آرد با خدا ذکر بشر
You may say, “How should a man of God bring into view the thought of (take any thought of) human beings beside God?”
خر ازین می‌خسپد اینجا ای فلان که بشر دیدی تو ایشان را نه جان
You are in a hole here, O so-and-so, because you have regarded them as flesh, not as spirit.
کار ازین ویران شدست ای مرد خام که بشر دیدی مر ایشان را چو عام
You have come to ruin, O foolish man, because like the vulgar you regarded them as human beings.
تو همان دیدی که ابلیس لعین گفت من از آتشم آدم ز طین
You have regarded (them) in the same way as the accursed Iblís (regarded Adam): he said, “I am of fire, (while) Adam is of earth.”
چشم ابلیسانه را یک دم ببند چند بینی صورت آخر چند چند
Bandage your Satanic eye for one moment: how long, pray, will you regard the (external) form? How long, how long?
ای دقوقی با دو چشم همچو جو هین مبر اومید ایشان را بجو
O Daqúqí with (thy) streaming eyes, come, do not abandon hope: seek them!
هین بجو که رکن دولت جستن است هر گشادی در دل اندر بستن است
Come, seek (them), for search is the pillar (foundation) of fortune: every (joyous) expansion of the heart is involved in (painful) constriction.
از همه کار جهان پرداخته کو و کو می‌گو بجان چون فاخته
Unconcerned with all the business of the world, keep saying with (all) thy soul kú, kú, like the dove.
نیک بنگر اندرین ای محتجب که دعا را بست حق در استجب
Consider this well, O thou who art veiled (by worldliness), that God hath tied “invocation” to “I will answer.”
هر که را دل پاک شد از اعتلال آن دعااش می‌رود تا ذوالجلال
Whosoever’s heart is purged of infirmity, his invocation will go unto the Lord of glory.




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