How the cunning of the fox prevailed

How the cunning of the fox prevailed over the attempt of the ass to preserve himself from falling into temptation. غالب شدن مکر روبه بر استعصام خر

خر بسی کوشید و او را دفع گفت لیک جوع الکلب با خر بود جفت
The ass strove long and argued (stoutly) against him, but ravenous hunger never quitted the ass.
غالب آمد حرص و صبرش بد ضعیف بس گلوها که برد عشق رغیف
Greed prevailed, and his self-restraint was (too) weak: many are the gullets that are cut by love of the loaf.
زان رسولی کش حقایق داد دست کاد فقر ان یکن کفر آمدست
From the Messenger (Prophet) to whom the realities revealed themselves has come down (the saying), “A (great) penury is near being infidelity.”
گشته بود آن خر مجاعت را اسیر گفت اگر مکرست یک ره مرده گیر
The ass had been made prisoner by hunger: he said (to himself), “If it is a plot, (what then?). Suppose I am dead once and for all,
زین عذاب جوع باری وا رهم گر حیات اینست من مرده بهم
At any rate I shall be delivered from this torment of hunger: if this is life, I am better dead.”
گر خر اول توبه و سوگند خورد عاقبت هم از خری خبطی بکرد
If at first the ass repented and swore (to keep his vow), in the end, because of his asininity, he made a (great) lapse.
حرص کور و احمق و نادان کند مرگ را بر احمقان آسان کند
Greed makes one blind and foolish and ignorant: to fools it makes death (seem) easy;
نیست آسان مرگ بر جان خران که ندارند آب جان جاودان
(But) death is not (really) easy to the souls of asses who do not possess the splendour of the everlasting soul.
چون ندارد جان جاوید او شقیست جرات او بر اجل از احمقیست
Since he (the ass) does not possess the everlasting soul, he is damned: his boldness in (facing) death is the result of folly.
جهد کن تا جان مخلد گردد تا به روز مرگ برگی باشدت
Endeavour that your soul may become immortal, so that on the day of death you will have a (goodly) store.
اعتمادش نیز بر رازق نبود که بر افشاند برو از غیب جود
Again, he (the ass) had no confidence in the Provider (to assure him) that He would scatter over him largesse from the Unseen.
تاکنونش فضل بی‌روزی نداشت گرچه گه‌گه بر تنش جوعی گماشت
Until now, the (Divine) Bounty had not kept him without the daily provision, though at times He subjected his body to a (severe) hunger.
گر نباشد جوع صد رنج دگر از پی هیضه بر آرد از تو سر
Were hunger absent, in consequence of indigestion a hundred other afflictions would raise their heads in you.
رنج جوع اولی بود خود زان علل هم به لطف و هم به خفت هم عمل
Truly the affliction of hunger is better than those maladies in respect both of its subtilty and its lightness and (its effect on devotional) work.
رنج جوع از رنجها پاکیزه‌تر خاصه در جوعست صد نفع و هنر
The affliction of hunger is purer than (all other) afflictions, especially (as) in hunger there are a hundred advantages and excellences.




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