How the Demon sat on the place

How the Demon sat on the place (throne) of Solomon, on whom be peace, and imitated his actions; and concerning the manifest difference between the two Solomons, and how the Demon called himself Solomon son of David. نشستن دیو بر مقام سلیمان علیه‌السلام و تشبه کردن او به کارهای سلیمان علیه‌السلام و فرق ظاهر میان هر دو سلیمان و دیو خویشتن را سلیمان بن داود نام کردن

ورچه عقلت هست با عقل دگر
یار باش و مشورت کن ای پدر
Even if thou hast intellect, associate and consult with another intellect, O father.
با دو عقل از بس بلاها وا رهی
پای خود بر اوج گردونها نهی
With two intellects thou wilt be delivered from many afflictions: thou wilt plant thy foot on the summit of the heavens.
دیو گر خود را سلیمان نام کرد
ملک برد و مملکت را رام کرد
If the Demon called himself Solomon and won the kingdom and made the empire subject (to him),
صورت کار سلیمان دیده بود
صورت اندر سر دیوی می‌نمود
(It was because) he had seen (and imitated) the form of Solomon’s action; (but) within the form the spirit of demonry was appearing.
خلق گفتند این سلیمان بی‌صفاست
از سلیمان تا سلیمان فرقهاست
The people said, “This Solomon is without excellence: there are (great) differences between (that) Solomon and (this) Solomon.”
او چو بیداریست این هم‌چون وسن
هم‌چنانک آن حسن با این حسن
He (the former) is like wakefulness, this one is like sleep; (there is as much difference) as between that Hasan and this Hasan.
دیو می‌گفتی که حق بر شکل من
صورتی کردست خوش بر اهرمن
The Demon would reply, “God has bestowed on Ahriman a pleasing form (aspect) in the likeness of me.
دیو را حق صورت من داده است
تا نیندازد شما را او بشست
God hath given my aspect to the Devil: let him not cast you into his net!
گر پدید آید به دعوی زینهار
صورت او را مدارید اعتبار
If he appear with the pretence (that he is really I), beware! Do not have regard to his (outward) form.”
دیوشان از مکر این می‌گفت لیک
می‌نمود این عکس در دلهای نیک
The Demon was saying this to them from guile, but in good (enlightened) hearts the reverse of this was apparent.
نیست بازی با ممیز خاصه او
که بود تمییز و عقلش غیب‌گو
There is no playing tricks with the discerning man, especially (with) him whose discernment and intelligence speak of the Unseen.
هیچ سحر و هیچ تلبیس و دغل
می‌نبندد پرده بر اهل دول
No magic and no imposture and fraud will bind a veil upon the owners of (spiritual) empire.
پس همی گفتند با خود در جواب
بازگونه می‌روی ای کژ خطاب
Hence they were saying to themselves in reply (to the Demon), “Thou art going upside down, O thou who art addressed falsely (by the name of Solomon).
بازگونه رفت خواهی همچنین
سوی دوزخ اسفل اندر سافلین
Upside down likewise thou wilt go Hellward, the lowest among the low.
او اگر معزول گشتست و فقیر
هست در پیشانیش بدر منیر
If he (Solomon) has been deposed and reduced to poverty, (yet) the radiant full-moon is on his forehead.
تو اگر انگشتری را برده‌ای
دوزخی چون زمهریر افسرده‌ای
If thou hast carried off the (royal) signet-ring, (yet) thou art (as) a Hell frozen like (the region of) piercing cold.
ما ببوش و عارض و طاق و طرنب
سر کجا که خود همی ننهیم سنب
On account of (the Demon’s) ostentation and vain show and pomp and grandeur how (should we lay) the head (in obeisance before him)? for we will not lay (before him) even a hoof.
ور به غفلت ما نهیم او را جبین
پنجه‌ی مانع برآید از زمین
And if heedlessly we should lay the forehead (on the ground in homage) to him, a preventing hand will rise up from the earth,
که منه آن سر مرین سر زیر را
هین مکن سجده مرین ادبار را
(As though to say), ‘Do not lay the head before this headlong-fallen one; beware, do not bow down to this ill-fated wretch!’”
کردمی من شرح این بس جان‌فزا
گر نبودی غیرت و رشک خدا
I would have given a very soul-quickening exposition of this (story), were it not for the indignation and jealousy of God.
هم قناعت کن تو بپذیر این قدر
تا بگویم شرح این وقتی دگر
Still, be content and accept this (insufficient) amount, that I may explain (the whole of) this at another time.
نام خود کرده سلیمان نبی
روی‌پوشی می‌کند بر هر صبی
He (the Demon), having called himself by the name of the prophet Solomon, makes it a mask to deceive every (foolish) boy.
در گذر از صورت و از نام خیز
از لقب وز نام در معنی گریز
Pass on from the (outward) form and rise beyond the name: flee from title and from name (and enter) into reality.
پس بپرس از حد او وز فعل او
در میان حد و فعل او را بجو
Inquire, then, about his (spiritual) degree and his (interior) actions: in the midst of his degree and actions seek (to discover) him.




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