How the hare again answered the beasts

How the hare again answered the beasts جواب خرگوش نخجیران را

گفت ای یاران حقم الهام داد
مر ضعیفی را قوی رایی فتاد
He said: “O friends, God gave me inspiration: to a weakling there came a strong judgement (wise counsel).”
آن چه حق آموخت مر زنبور را
آن نباشد شیر را و گور را
That which God taught to the bees is not (belonging) to the lion and the wild ass.
خانه‌‌ها سازد پر از حلوای تر
حق بر او آن علم را بگشاد در
It (the bee) makes houses of juicy halwá (sweetmeat): God opened to it the door of that knowledge;
آن چه حق آموخت کرم پیله را
هیچ پیلی داند آن گون حیله را
That which God taught to the silkworm—does any elephant know such a device?
آدم خاکی ز حق آموخت علم
تا به هفتم آسمان افروخت علم‌‌
Adam, created of earth, learned knowledge from God: (his) knowledge shot beams up to the Seventh Heaven.
نام و ناموس ملک را در شکست
کوری آن کس که در حق درشک است‌‌
He (Adam) broke the name and fame (pride) of the angels, to the confusion of that one who is in doubt concerning God.
زاهد چندین هزاران ساله را
پوز بندی ساخت آن گوساله را
As regards the ascetic of so many thousand years (Iblís), He (God) made a muzzle for that calf,
تا نتاند شیر علم دین کشید
تا نگردد گرد آن قصر مشید
In order that he (Adam) might not be able to drink the milk of knowledge of religious knowledge and that he might not roam around that lofty castle.
علمهای اهل حس شد پوز بند
تا نگیرد شیر ز آن علم بلند
The sciences of the followers of (external) sense became a muzzle, so that he (the believer in sense-perception) might not receive milk from that sublime knowledge.
قطره‌‌ی دل را یکی گوهر فتاد
کان به دریاها و گردونها نداد
(But) into the blood-drop (core) of the heart there fell a jewel which He (God) gave not to the seas and skies.
چند صورت آخر ای صورت پرست
جان بی‌‌معنیت از صورت نرست‌‌
How long (this regard for) form? After all, O form-worshipper, has thy reality-lacking soul not (yet) escaped from form?
گر به صورت آدمی انسان بدی
احمد و بو جهل خود یکسان بدی‌‌
If a human being were a man in virtue of form, Ahmad (Mohammed) and Bú Jahl would be just the same.
نقش بر دیوار مثل آدم است
بنگر از صورت چه چیز او کم است‌‌
The painting on the wall is like Adam: see from the (pictured) form what thing in it is wanting.
جان کم است آن صورت با تاب را
رو بجو آن گوهر کمیاب را
The spirit is wanting in that resplendent form: go, seek that jewel rarely found!
شد سر شیران عالم جمله پست
چون سگ اصحاب را دادند دست‌‌
The heads of all the lions in the world were laid low when They (God) gave a hand to (bestowed favour on) the dog of the Companions (of the Cave).
چه زیان استش از آن نقش نفور
چون که جانش غرق شد در بحر نور
What loss does it suffer from that abhorred shape, inasmuch as its spirit was plunged in the ocean of light?
وصف صورت نیست اندر خامه‌‌ها
عالم و عادل بود در نامه‌‌ها
’Tis not in pens to describe (the outward) form: (what is written) in letters is (qualities like) “learned” and “just”;
عالم و عادل همه معنی است بس
کش نیابی در مکان و پیش و پس‌‌
(And qualities like) “learned” and “just” are only the spiritual essence which thou wilt not find in (any) place or in front or behind.
می‌‌زند بر تن ز سوی لامکان
می‌‌نگنجد در فلک خورشید جان‌‌
The sun of the spirit strikes (with its beams) on the body from the quarter where (the relation of) place does not exist: it (that sun) is not contained in the sky.




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