How the king’s prayer for the deliverance

How the king’s prayer for the deliverance

How the king’s prayer for the deliverance of his son from the witch of Kábul was granted. مستجاب شدن دعای پادشاه در خلاص پسرش از جادوی کابلی

او شنیده بود از دور این خبر
که اسیر پیرزن گشت آن پسر
He had heard from afar the news that that boy had been captivated by an old woman,
کان عجوزه بود اندر جادوی
بی‌نظیر و آمن از مثل و دوی
A crone who in witchery was unrivalled and secure from likeness and duality.
دست بر بالای دستست ای فتی
در فن و در زور تا ذات خدا
Hand is above hand, O youth, in skill and in strength up to the Essence of God.
منتهای دستها دست خداست
بحر بی‌شک منتهای سیلهاست
The ultimate end of (all) hands is the Hand of God: the ultimate end of (all) torrents is undoubtedly the sea.
هم ازو گیرند مایه ابرها
هم بدو باشد نهایت سیل را
From it the clouds take their origin, and in it too the torrent hath an end. 
گفت شاهش کین پسر از دست رفت
گفت اینک آمدم درمان زفت
The king said to him, “This boy has passed out of control (has lost his wits).” He (the magician) said, “Look you, I am come as a potent remedy.
نیست همتا زال را زین ساحران
جز من داهی رسیده زان کران
None of these sorcerers is equal to the old woman except me, the sagacious one, who have arrived from yonder shore.
چون کف موسی به امر کردگار
نک برآرم من ز سحر او دمار
Lo, by command of the Creator, I, like the hand of Moses, will utterly destroy her sorcery;
که مرا این علم آمد زان طرف
نه ز شاگردی سحر مستخف
For to me this knowledge hath come from yonder region, not from having been schooled in the sorcery which is held cheap (by the wise).
آمدم تا بر گشایم سحر او
تا نماند شاه‌زاده زردرو
I am come to undo her sorcery, so that the prince may not remain pale-faced.
سوی گورستان برو وقت سحور
پهلوی دیوار هست اسپید گور
Go to the graveyard at the hour of the meal taken before dawn: beside the wall is a whitened tomb.
سوی قبله باز کاو آنجای را
تا ببینی قدرت و صنع خدا
Dig up that place in the direction of the qibla, that thou mayst behold the power and the working of God.” 
بس درازست این حکایت تو ملول
زبده را گویم رها کردم فضول
This story is very long, and you (O reader) are weary: I will relate the cream (of it), I dismiss what is superfluous.
آن گره‌های گران را بر گشاد
پس ز محنت پور شه را راه داد
He (the magician) untied those heavy knots: then he gave to the king’s son a way (of escape) from the affliction.
آن پسر با خویش آمد شد دوان
سوی تخت شاه با صد امتحان
The boy came to himself and with a hundred tribulations went running towards the throne of the king.
سجده کرد و بر زمین می‌زد ذقن
در بغل کرده پسر تیغ و کفن
He made prostration and was beating his chin on the earth: the boy held in his arms a sword and winding-sheet.
شاه آیین بست و اهل شهر شاد
وآن عروس ناامید بی‌مراد
The king ordered the city to be decorated, and the citizens and the despairing disappointed bride rejoiced.
عالم از سر زنده گشت و پر فروز
ای عجب آن روز روز امروز روز
The (whole) world revived once more and was filled with radiance: (the people said), “Oh, what a wondrous difference between that day (of sorrow) and to-day!”
یک عروسی کرد شاه او را چنان
که جلاب قند بد پیش سگان
The king made such a (lavish) wedding-feast for him that sugared julep was (placed) before the dogs.
جادوی کمپیر از غصه بمرد
روی و خوی زشت فا مالک سپرد
The old witch died of vexation and gave up her hideous face and (foul) nature to Málik.
شاه‌زاده در تعجب مانده بود
کز من او عقل و نظر چون در ربود
The prince was left in amazement: (he said to himself), “How did she rob me of understanding and insight?”
نو عروسی دید هم‌چون ماه حسن
که همی زد بر ملیحان راه حسن
He beheld a newly wedded bride like the beauteous moon, who was (as a brigand) infesting the road of beauty (and occupying it) against (all) the (other) fair ones.
گشت بیهوش و برو اندر فتاد
تا سه روز از جسم وی گم شد فاد
He became senseless and fell on his face: for three days the heart (consciousness) vanished from his body.
سه شبان روز او ز خود بیهوش گشت
تا که خلق از غشی او پر جوش گشت
Three days and nights he became unconscious of himself, so that the people were (sorely) perturbed by his swoon.
از گلاب و از علاج آمد به خود
اندک اندک فهم گشتش نیک و بد
By means of rose-water and (other) remedies he came to himself (again): little by little, good and evil were apprehended by him (once more).
بعد سالی گفت شاهش در سخن
کای پسر یاد آر از آن یار کهن
After a year the king said to him jokingly in conversation, “O son, bethink thee of that old friend (of thine), 
یاد آور زان ضجیع و زان فراش
تا بدین حد بی‌وفا و مر مباش
Bethink thee of that bedfellow and that bed: do not be so faithless and harsh!”
گفت رو من یافتم دار السرور
وا رهیدم از چه دار الغرور
“Go to!” said he; “I have found the abode of joy, I am delivered from the pit of the abode of delusion.”
هم‌چنان باشد چو ممن راه یافت
سوی نور حق ز ظلمت روی تافت
Tis even so: when the true believer has found the way towards the Light of God, he averts his face from the darkness (of this world).




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