How the lion again declared exertion

How the lion again declared exertion to be superior to trust in God and expounded the advantages of exertion باز ترجیح‌‌نهادن شیر جهد را بر توکل و فواید جهد را بیان کردن‌‌

شیر گفت آری و لیکن هم ببین
جهدهای انبیا و مومنین‌‌
“Yes,” said the lion; “but at the same time consider the exertions of the prophets and the true believers.
حق تعالی جهدشان را راست کرد
آن چه دیدند از جفا و گرم و سرد
God, exalted is He, prospered their exertion and what they suffered of oppression and heat and cold.
حیله‌‌هاشان جمله حال آمد لطیف
کل شی‌‌ء من ظریف هو ظریف‌‌
Their plans were excellent in all circumstances: everything done by a goodly man is goodly.
دامهاشان مرغ گردونی گرفت
نقصهاشان جمله افزونی گرفت‌‌
Their snares caught the Heavenly bird, all their deficiencies turned to increment.”
جهد می‌‌کن تا توانی ای کیا
در طریق انبیا و اولیا
O master, exert thyself so long as thou canst in (following) the way of the prophets and saints!
با قضا پنجه زدن نبود جهاد
ز آن که این را هم قضا بر ما نهاد
Endeavour is not a struggle with Destiny, because Destiny itself has laid this (endeavour) upon us.
کافرم من گر زیان کرده ست کس
در ره ایمان و طاعت یک نفس‌‌
I am an infidel if any one has suffered loss a single moment (while walking) in the way of faith and obedience.
سر شکسته نیست این سر را مبند
یک دو روزک جهد کن باقی بخند
Your head is not broken: do not bandage this head. Exert yourself (in doing good works) for one or two little days (i.e. during this brief life), and laugh unto everlasting!
بد محالی جست کاو دنیا بجست
نیک حالی جست کاو عقبی بجست‌‌
An evil resort sought he that sought this world; a good state sought he that sought the world to come.
مکرها در کسب دنیا بارد است
مکرها در ترک دنیا وارد است‌‌
Plots for gaining (the things of) this world are worthless, (but) plots for renouncing this world are inspired (by God).
مکر آن باشد که زندان حفره کرد
آن که حفره بست آن مکری ست سرد
The (right) plot is that he (the prisoner) digs a hole in his prison (in order to escape); if he blocks up the hole, that is a foolish plot.
این جهان زندان و ما زندانیان
حفره کن زندان و خود را وارهان‌‌
This world is the prison, and we are the prisoners: dig a hole in the prison and let yourself out!
چیست دنیا از خدا غافل بدن
نی قماش و نقره و میزان و زن‌‌
What is this world? To be forgetful of God; it is not merchandise and silver and weighing-scales and women.
مال را کز بهر دین باشی حمول
نعم مال صالح خواندش رسول‌‌
As regards the wealth that you carry for religion’s sake, “How good is righteous wealth (for the righteous man)!” as the Prophet recited.
آب در کشتی هلاک کشتی است
آب اندر زیر کشتی پشتی است‌‌
Water in the boat is the ruin of the boat, (but) water underneath the boat is a support.
چون که مال و ملک را از دل براند
ز آن سلیمان خویش جز مسکین نخواند
Since he cast out from his heart (the desire for) wealth and possessions, on that account Solomon did not call himself (by any name) but “poor.”
کوزه‌‌ی سر بسته اندر آب زفت
از دل پر باد فوق آب رفت‌‌
The stoppered jar, (though) in rough water, floated on the water because of its wind-filled (empty) heart.
باد درویشی چو در باطن بود
بر سر آب جهان ساکن بود
When the wind of poverty is within (any one), he rests at peace on the surface of the water of the world;
گر چه جمله‌‌ی این جهان ملک وی است
ملک در چشم دل او لا شی است‌‌
Although the whole of this world is his kingdom, in the eye of his heart the kingdom is nothing.
پس دهان دل ببند و مهر کن
پر کنش از باد کبر من لدن‌‌
Therefore stopper and seal the mouth of your heart, and fill it with the wind of Divine Majesty.
جهد حق است و دوا حق است و درد
منکر اندر نفی جهدش جهد کرد
Exertion is a reality, and medicine and disease are realities: the sceptic in his denial of exertion practised (and thereby affirmed) exertion.


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