How the lion pronounced exertion

How the lion pronounced exertion to be superior to trust in God باز ترجیح‌‌نهادن شیر جهد را بر توکل‌‌

گفت شیر آری ولی رب العباد
نردبانی پیش پای ما نهاد
“Yes,” said the lion; “but the Lord of His servants set a ladder before our feet.
پایه پایه رفت باید سوی بام
هست جبری بودن اینجا طمع خام‌‌
Step by step must we climb towards the roof: to be a necessitarian here is (to indulge in) foolish hopes.
پای داری چون کنی خود را تو لنگ
دست داری چون کنی پنهان تو چنگ‌‌
You have feet: why do you make yourself out to be lame? you have hands: why do you conceal the fingers (whereby you grasp)?
خواجه چون بیلی به دست بنده داد
بی‌‌زبان معلوم شد او را مراد
When the master put a spade in the slave’s hand, his object was made known to him (the slave) without (a word falling from his) tongue.
دست همچون بیل اشارتهای اوست
آخر اندیشی عبارتهای اوست‌‌
Hand and spade alike are His (God’s) implicit signs; (our powers of) thinking upon the end are His explicit declarations.
چون اشارتهاش را بر جان نهی
در وفای آن اشارت جان دهی‌‌
When you take His signs to heart (and) devote your life to fulfilling that indication (of His will),
پس اشارتهای اسرارت دهد
بار بر دارد ز تو کارت دهد
Then He will give you many hints (for the understanding) of mysteries, He will remove the burden from you and give you (spiritual) authority.
حاملی محمول گرداند ترا
قابلی مقبول گرداند ترا
Do you bear (His burden)? He will cause you to be borne (aloft). Do you receive (His commands)? He will cause you to be received (into His favour).
قابل امر ویی قایل شوی
وصل جویی بعد از آن واصل شوی‌‌
If you accept His command, you will become the spokesman (thereof); if you seek union (with Him), thereafter you will become united.
سعی شکر نعمتش قدرت بود
جبر تو انکار آن نعمت بود
Free-will is the endeavour to thank (God) for His beneficence: your necessitarianism is the denial of that beneficence.
شکر قدرت قدرتت افزون کند
جبر نعمت از کفت بیرون کند
Thanksgiving for the power (of acting freely) increases your power; necessitarianism takes the (Divine) gift (of free-will) out of your hand.
جبر تو خفتن بود در ره مخسب
تا نبینی آن در و درگه مخسب‌‌
Your necessitarianism is (like) sleeping on the road: do not sleep! Sleep not, until you see the gate and the threshold!
هان مخسب ای جبری بی‌‌اعتبار
جز به زیر آن درخت میوه‌‌دار
Beware! do not sleep, O inconsiderate sluggard, save underneath that fruit-laden tree,
تا که شاخ افشان کند هر لحظه باد
بر سر خفته بریزد نقل و زاد
So that every moment the wind may shake the boughs and shower upon the sleeper (spiritual) dessert and provision for the journey.
جبر و خفتن در میان ره زنان
مرغ بی‌‌هنگام کی یابد امان‌‌
(How absurd) to be a necessitarian and sleep amidst highwaymen! How should the untimely bird receive quarter?
ور اشارتهاش را بینی زنی
مرد پنداری و چون بینی زنی‌‌
And if you turn up your nose at His signs, you deem (yourself) a man, but when you consider (more deeply), you are (only) a woman.
این قدر عقلی که داری گم شود
سر که عقل از وی بپرد دم شود
This measure of understanding which you possess is lost: a head from which the understanding flies away,
ز آن که بی‌‌شکری بود شوم و شنار
می‌‌برد بی‌‌شکر را در قعر نار
Because ingratitude is wickedness and disgrace and brings the ingrate to the bottom of Hell-fire.
گر توکل می‌‌کنی در کار کن
کشت کن پس تکیه بر جبار کن‌‌
If you are putting trust in God, put trust (in Him) as regards (your) work: sow (the seed), then rely upon the Almighty.”


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