How the mouse pulled

How the mouse pulled (the rope attached to) the camel’s nose-ring and became self conceited. کشیدن موش مهار شتر را و متعجب شدن موش در خود

موشکی در کف مهار اشتری
در ربود و شد روان او از مری‏
A little mouse caught in his forelegs a camel’s leading-rope and from emulation went off (with it).
اشتر از چستی که با او شد روان
موش غره شد که هستم پهلوان‏
By reason of the readiness with which the camel set out along with him, the mouse was duped into thinking himself a hero.
بر شتر زد پرتو اندیشه‏اش
گفت بنمایم ترا تو باش خوش‏
The ray of his thought struck the camel. He (the camel) said (aside), “I will show thee (presently)! Enjoy thyself!”
تا بیامد بر لب جوی بزرگ
کاندر او گشتی زبون پیل سترگ‏
(All went well) till he (the mouse) came to the bank of a great river, at which any lion or wolf would have lost heart.
موش آن جا ایستاد و خشک گشت
گفت اشتر ای رفیق کوه و دشت‏
There the mouse stopped and became paralysed. The camel said, “O my companion o’er hill and plain,
این توقف چیست حیرانی چرا
پا بنه مردانه اندر جو در آ
What is this standing still (for)? Why art thou dismayed? Step (forward) like a man! Go into the river!
تو قلاووزی و پیش آهنگ من
در میان ره مباش و تن مزن‏
Thou art my guide and leader: don’t halt midway and be dumbfounded!”
گفت این آب شگرف است و عمیق
من همی‏ترسم ز غرقاب ای رفیق‏
He (the mouse) said, “This is a huge and deep river: I am afraid of being drowned, O comrade.”
گفت اشتر تا ببینم حد آب
پا در او بنهاد آن اشتر شتاب‏
Said the camel, “Let me see the limit (depth) of the water,” and he quickly set foot in it.
گفت تا زانوست آب ای کور موش
از چه حیران گشتی و رفتی ز هوش‏
“The water,” he said, “is (only) up to the knee. O blind mouse, wherefore didst thou become dismayed and lose thy wits?”
گفت مور تست و ما را اژدهاست
که ز زانو تا به زانو فرق‏هاست‏
He (the mouse) replied, “It is (as) an ant to you, but to me it is a dragon, for there are differences between one knee and another.
گر ترا تا زانو است ای پر هنر
مر مرا صد گز گذشت از فرق سر
If it is (only) up to your knee, O excellent one, it is a hundred ells higher than the crown of my head.”
گفت گستاخی مکن بار دگر
تا نسوزد جسم و جانت زین شرر
He (the camel) said, “Another time, do not behave (so) boldly, lest thy body and soul be consumed by these sparks. 
تو مری با مثل خود موشان بکن
با شتر مر موش را نبود سخن‏
Contend with mice like thyself: a mouse has nothing to say to a camel.”
گفت توبه کردم از بهر خدا
بگذران زین آب مهلک مر مرا
He (the mouse) said, “I repent. For God’s sake, get me across this deadly water!”
رحم آمد مر شتر را گفت هین
برجه و بر کودبان من نشین‏
The camel took pity. “Hark,” said he, “jump up and sit on my hump.
این گذشتن شد مسلم مر مرا
بگذرانم صد هزاران چون ترا
This passage has been vouchsafed to me: I would take across hundreds of thousands like thee.”
چون پیمبر نیستی پس رو به راه
تا رسی از چاه روزی سوی جاه‏
Since you are not a prophet, go on the road (after the prophets), that one day you may come from the pit (of fleshliness) to (spiritual) place and power.
تو رعیت باش چون سلطان نه‏ای
خود مران چون مرد کشتیبان نه‏ای‏
Be a vassal since you are not a lord: do not steer (the boat) yourself, since you are not the boatman.
چون نه‏ای کامل دکان تنها مگیر
دست‏خوش می‏باش تا گردی خمیر
Since you are not (spiritually) perfect, do not take a shop (by yourself) alone. Be pliant to the hand, in order that you may become leavened (like dough).

أنصتوا را گوش کن خاموش باش
چون زبان حق نگشتی گوش باش‏
Give ear to (the Divine command), “Keep silence,” be mute; since you have not become the tongue (mouthpiece) of God, be an ear.
ور بگویی شکل استفسار گو
با شهنشاهان تو مسکین‏وار گو
And if you speak, speak in the form of a request for explanation: speak to the (spiritual) emperors as a lowly beggar.
ابتدای کبر و کین از شهوت است
راسخی شهوتت از عادت است‏
The beginning of pride and hatred is in (worldly) lust, and the rootedness of your lust is from habit.
چون ز عادت گشت محکم خوی بد
خشم آید بر کسی کت واکشد
When an evil disposition becomes confirmed by habit, you are enraged with any one who restrains you.
چون که تو گل خوار گشتی هر که او
واکشد از گل ترا باشد عدو
After you have become an eater of clay, any one who restrains you from (eating) clay is your enemy.
بت پرستان چون که خو با بت کنند
مانعان راه بت را دشمنند
Since idolaters are devoted to the idol, they are foes to them that prevent their access (to it).
چون که کرد ابلیس خو با سروری
دید آدم را حقیر او از خری‏
Since Iblís had become accustomed to being leader, he in his folly regarded Adam with contempt.
که به از من سروری دیگر بود
تا که او مسجود چون من کس شود
Saying, “Is there another leader superior to me, so that he should be worshipped by one like me?”
سروری زهر است جز آن روح را
کاو بود تریاق لانی ز ابتدا
Leadership is poison, except to the spirit that from the beginning hath (in himself) abundance of the antidote.
کوه اگر پر مار شد باکی مدار
کاو بود در اندرون تریاق‏زار
If the mountain is full of snakes, have no fear, for it is a mine of antidote within.
سروری چون شد دماغت را ندیم
هر که بشکستت شود خصم قدیم‏
When leadership has become a bosom-friend to your brain, any one who breaks (thwarts) you becomes (as) an ancient adversary.
چون خلاف خوی تو گوید کسی
کینه‏ها خیزد ترا با او بسی‏
When any one contradicts your disposition (habit of mind), many feelings of hatred against him arise in you.
که مرا از خوی من بر می‏کند
خویش را بر من چو سرور می‏کند
“He is tearing me (you say) from my (engrained) disposition, he is making himself like a captain over me.”
چون نباشد خوی بد سرکش در او
کی فروزد آن خلاف آتش در او
Unless the evil disposition has become headstrong in him, how should the fire (of passion) blaze up in him through being opposed?
با مخالف او مدارایی کند
در دل او خویش را جایی کند
He may show some feigned courtesy to the opponent, he may make a place for himself in his heart,
ز انکه خوی بد بگشته ست استوار
مور شهوت شد ز عادت همچو مار
(But he really hates him), because the evil disposition has waxed strong: the ant of (worldly) lust has through habit become as a snake.
مار شهوت را بکش در ابتدا
ور نه اینک گشت مارت اژدها
Kill the snake of lust in tribulation; else, look you, your snake is become a dragon.
لیک هر کس مور بیند مار خویش
تو ز صاحب دل کن استفسار خویش‏
But every one deems his own snake an ant: do you (then) seek the explanation of yourself (your real state) from him that is lord of the heart.
تا نشد زر مس نداند من مسم
تا نشد شه دل نداند مفلسم‏
Until copper becomes gold, it does not know itself to be copper: until the heart becomes a king, it does not know itself to be an insolvent.
خدمت اکسیر کن مس‏وار تو
جور می‏کش ای دل از دل دار تو
Do service to the elixir, like copper: endure oppression, O heart, from him that holds the heart in fee.
کیست دل دار اهل دل نیکو بدان
که چو روز و شب جهانند از جهان‏
Who is it that holds the heart in fee? Know well, it is the lords of the heart who, like day and night, are recoiling from the world.
عیب کم گو بنده‏ی الله را
متهم کم کن به دزدی شاه را
Do not find fault with the Servant of God: do not suspect the King of being a thief.




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