How the Police Inspector summoned the man

How the Police Inspector summoned the man who had fallen dead-drunk (on the ground) to (go to) prison. خواندن محتسب مست خراب افتاده را به زندان‏

محتسب در نیم شب جایی رسید
در بن دیوار مستی خفته دید
The Inspector came at midnight to a certain place: he saw a drunken man lying at the bottom of a wall.
گفت هی مستی چه خورده ستی بگو
گفت از این خوردم که هست اندر سبو
He cried, “Hey, you are drunk: tell (me), what have you been drinking?” Said the man, “I have drunk of this which is in the jar.”
گفت آخر در سبو واگو که چیست
گفت از آن که خورده‏ام گفت این خفی است‏
“Pray,” said he, “explain what is in the jar.” He replied, “Some of what I have drunk.” “(But),” said the Inspector, “this is hidden (from sight).”
گفت آن چه خورده‏ای آن چیست آن
گفت آن که در سبو مخفی است آن‏
He asked (again), “What is it that you have drunk?” He rejoined, “That which is hidden in the jar.”
دور می‏شد این سؤال و این جواب
ماند چون خر محتسب اندر خلاب‏
These questions and answers were becoming a (vicious) circle. The Inspector was left (stuck) in the mud, like an ass.
گفت او را محتسب هین آه کن
مست هو هو کرد هنگام سخن‏
The Inspector said to him, “Come now, say ‘Ah’”; (but) the drunken man, at the moment of utterance, said “Hú, Hú.”
گفت گفتم آه کن هو می‏کنی
گفت من شاد و تو از غم دم زنی‏
“I told you to say ‘Ah’,” said he; “you are saying ‘Hú’.” “(Because) I am glad,” he replied, “while you are bent with grief.
آه از درد و غم و بی‏دادی است
هوی هوی می خوران از شادی است‏
“Ah’ is (uttered) on account of pain and grief and injustice; the ‘Hú, Hú’ of the wine-drinkers is from joy.”
محتسب گفت این ندانم خیز خیز
معرفت متراش و بگذار این ستیز
The Inspector said, “I know nothing about this. Get up, get up! Don’t retail mystic lore, and leave off this wrangling.”
گفت رو تو از کجا من از کجا
گفت مستی خیز تا زندان بیا
“Go away,” said the man; “what have you to do with me?” “You are drunk,” the Inspector said. “Get up and come to prison.”
گفت مست ای محتسب بگذار و رو
از برهنه کی توان بردن گرو
Said the drunken man, “O Inspector, let me alone and go away. How is it possible to carry off pledges from one that is naked?
گر مرا خود قوت رفتن بدی
خانه‏ی خود رفتمی وین کی شدی‏
If indeed I had had the power to walk, I should have gone to my house and (then) how would this (affair between us) have occurred?
من اگر با عقل و با امکانمی
همچو شیخان بر سر دکانمی‏
Were I (still) possessed of understanding and of contingent (unreal) existence, I should be on the bench, (giving instruction) like the Shaykhs.”




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