Parable of the Qutb

Parable of the Qutb (Pole), who is the gnostic united with God, in respect of his dispensing to the people their rations of forgiveness and mercy in the order and degree which God inspires him to observe; and a comparison of him with the lion, for the (smaller) wild animals partake of the lion’s rations and eat his leavings in proportion to their nearness to him—not nearness in space but nearness in quality. The details of this (subject) are many, and God is the (best) Guide. تشبیه کردن قطب کی عارف واصلست در اجری دادن خلق از قوت مغفرت و رحمت بر مراتبی کی حقش الهام دهد و تمثیل بشیر که دد اجری خوار و باقی خوار ویند بر مراتب قرب ایشان بشیر نه قرب مکانی بلک قرب صفتی و تفاصیل این بسیارست والله الهادی

قطب شیر و صید کردن کار او باقیان این خلق باقی‌خوار او
The Qutb is (like) the lion, and it is his business to hunt: (all) the rest, (namely), these people (of the world), eat his leavings.
تا توانی در رضای قطب کوش تا قوی گردد کند صید وحوش
So far as you can, endeavour to satisfy the Qutb, so that he may gain strength and hunt the wild beasts.
چو برنجد بی‌نوا مانند خلق کز کف عقلست جمله رزق حلق
When he is ailing, the people remain unfed, for all food provided for the gullet comes from the hand of reason,
زانک وجد حلق باقی خورد اوست این نگه دار ار دل تو صیدجوست
Since the ecstasies (spiritual experiences) of the people are (only) his leavings. Keep this (in mind), if your heart desires the (spiritual) prey.
او چو عقل و خلق چون اعضا و تن بسته‌ی عقلست تدبیر بدن
He is like the reason, and the people are like the members of the body: the management of the body depends on the reason. 
ضعف قطب از تن بود از روح نی ضعف در کشتی بود در نوح نی
The weakness of the Qutb is bodily, not spiritual: the weakness lies in the Ship (Ark), not in Noah.
قطب آن باشد که گرد خود تند گردش افلاک گرد او بود
The Qutb is he who turns round himself, (while) round him is the revolution of the celestial spheres.
یاریی ده در مرمه‌ی کشتی‌اش گر غلام خاص و بنده گشتی‌اش
Lend some assistance in repairing his (bodily) ship, if you have become his favourite slave and devoted servant.
یاریت در تو فزاید نه اندرو گفت حق ان تنصروا الله تنصروا
Your assistance is (really) advantageous to you, not to him: God hath said, “If ye help God, ye will be helped.”
هم‌چو روبه صید گیر و کن فداش تا عوض گیری هزاران صید بیش
Hunt like the fox and sacrifice your prey to him (the Qutb), that you may gain in return a thousand preys and more.
روبهانه باشد آن صید مرید مرده گیرد صید کفتار مرید
The prey caught by the (obedient) disciple is (presented alive) after the manner of the fox, (but) the froward hyena catches prey (that is already) dead.
مرده پیش او کشی زنده شود چرک در پالیز روینده شود
If you present the dead (prey) to him (the Qutb), it will become living: filth (when placed) in the orchard will produce (fruit).
گفت روبه شیر را خدمت کنم حیله‌ها سازم ز عقلش بر کنم
The fox said to the lion, “I will serve thee (obediently): I will contrive expedients and rob him (the ass) of his wits.
حیله و افسونگری کار منست کار من دستان و از ره بردنست
Cunning and enchantment is my business: it is my business to beguile and lead astray.”
از سر که جانب جو می‌شتافت آن خر مسکین لاغر را بیافت
Hastening from the mountain-top towards the river, he found that miserable emaciated ass.
پس سلام گرم کرد و پیش رفت پیش آن ساده دل درویش رفت
Then he saluted him cordially and advanced: he advanced to meet that poor simpleton,
گفت چونی اندرین صحرای خشک در میان سنگ لاخ و جای خشک
And said (to him), “How are you in this arid desert (where you live) amidst stones and on sterile ground?”
گفت خر گر در غمم گر در ارم قسمتم حق کرد من زان شاکرم
The ass replied, “Whether I am in pain or in Iram, God has made it my portion, and I am grateful for it.
شکر گویم دوست را در خیر و شر زانک هست اندر قضا از بد بتر
I give thanks to the Friend (God) in good and evil estate, because in (the Divine) destiny there is worse than (the present) ill.
چونک قسام اوست کفر آمد گله صبر باید صبر مفتاح الصله
Since He is the Dispenser of portions, complaint is (an act of) infidelity. Patience is needful: patience is the key to the gift (bounteous reward).
غیر حق جمله عدواند اوست دوست با عدو از دوست شکوت کی نکوست
All except God are enemies: He (alone) is the Friend: how is it good (seemly) to complain of a friend to an enemy?
تا دهد دوغم نخواهم انگبین زانک هر نعمت غمی دارد قرین
So long as He gives me buttermilk I will not desire honey, for every pleasure has a pain joined with it.”


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