Return to the Story of the bailiff

Return to the Story of the bailiff and the poor debtor: how they turned back from the Khwája’s grave, and how the bailiff saw the Khwája in a dream, etc. رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی آن پای‌مرد و آن غریب وام‌دار و بازگشتن ایشان از سر گور خواجه و خواب دیدن پای‌مرد خواجه را الی آخره

بی‌نهایت آمد این خوش سرگذشت چون غریب از گور خواجه باز گشت
This goodly episode is endless (too long to relate in full). When the poor stranger turned back from the Khwája’s grave,
پای مردش سوی خانه‌ی خویش برد مهر صد دینار را فا او سپرد
The bailiff took him to his house and handed over to him the purse of a hundred dinars.
لوتش آورد و حکایت‌هاش گفت کز امید اندر دلش صد گل شکفت
He fetched viands for him and told him stories, so that from the (feeling of) hope (with which the bailiff inspired him) a hundred roses blossomed in his heart.
آنچ بعد العسر یسر او دیده بود با غریب از قصه‌ی آن لب گشود
He (the bailiff) opened his lips to relate the ease (prosperity) which he had experienced after difficulty (adversity).
نیم‌شب بگذشت و افسانه کنان خوابشان انداخت تا مرعای جان
Midnight passed, and (he was still) narrating: (then) sleep transported them to the meadow where the spirit feeds.
دید پامرد آن همایون خواجه را اندر آن شب خواب بر صدر سرا
On that night the bailiff dreamed that he saw the blessed Khwája (seated) on the high-seat in the (heavenly) palace.
خواجه گفت ای پای‌مرد با نمک آنچ گفتی من شنیدم یک به یک
The Khwája said, “O excellent bailiff, I have heard what you said, point by point,
لیک پاسخ دادنم فرمان نبود بی‌اشارت لب نیارستم گشود
But I was not commanded to answer, and I durst not open my lips without being directed.
ما چو واقف گشته‌ایم از چون و چند مهر با لب‌های ما بنهاده‌اند
Now that we have become acquainted with the conditions and degrees (of the spiritual world), a seal has been laid upon our lips,
تا نگردد رازهای غیب فاش تا نگردد منهدم عیش و معاش
Lest the mysteries of the Unseen should be divulged and (thereby) the life and livelihood (of mortals) be destroyed,
تا ندرد پرده‌ی غفلت تمام تا نماند دیگ محنت نیم‌خام
And lest the veil of forgetfulness should be entirely rent and (the meat in) the pot of tribulation be left half-raw.
ما همه گوشیم کر شد نقش گوش ما همه نطقیم لیکن لب خموش
We are all ear, (though) the (material) form of the ear has become deaf: we are all speech, but our lips are silent.
هر چه ما دادیم دیدیم این زمان این جهان پرده‌ست و عینست آن جهان
We now see (the result of) everything that we gave (during our life in the world): this (material) world is the veil, and that (spiritual) world is the vision.
روز کشتن روز پنهان کردنست تخم در خاکی پریشان کردنست
The day of sowing is the day of concealment and scattering seed in a piece of earth.
وقت بدرودن گه منجل زدن روز پاداش آمد و پیدا شدن
The season of reaping and the time of plying the sickle is the day of recompense and manifestation.




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