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Story of an ass belonging to a seller of firewood, which saw some well-fed Arab horses in the royal stable and wished for the same fortune. (This story is intended) to convey the lesson that one ought not to wish for anything but (God’s) forgiveness and favour; for though you are in a hundred kinds of pain, they all become sweet (to you) when you feel the delight of being forgiven; and for the rest, every fortune that you wish for before you have experienced it is accompanied by a pain which you do not perceive (at the moment); as (for example) in every trap the bait is visible while the snare is concealed. You (who) have been caught in this one trap are (still) wishing (and saying to yourself), “Would that I had gone after those (other) baits!” You fancy that those baits are without a trap. حکایت دیدن خر هیزم‌فروش با نوایی اسپان تازی را بر آخر خاص و تمنا بردن آن دولت را در موعظه‌ی آنک تمنا نباید بردن الا مغفرت و عنایت و هدایت کی اگر در صد لون رنجی چون لذت مغفرت بود همه شیرین شود باقی هر دولتی کی آن را ناآزموده تمنی می‌بری با آن رنجی قرینست کی آن را نمی‌بینی چنانک از هر دامی دانه پیدا بود و فخ پنهان تو درین یک دام مانده‌ای تمنی می‌بری کی کاشکی با آن دانه‌ها رفتمی پنداری کی آن دانه‌ها بی‌دامست

بود سقایی مرورا یک خری گشته از محنت دو تا چون چنبری
There was a water-carrier who owned an ass that had been bent double like a
پشتش از بار گران صد جای ریش عاشق و جویان روز مرگ خویش
hoop by affliction. Its back was galled by the heavy load in a hundred places: it was passionately desiring the day of its death.
جو کجا از کاه خشک او سیر نی در عقب زخمی و سیخی آهنی
What of barley? It never got its fill (even) of dry straw: at its heels a (cruel) blow and an iron goad.
میر آخر دید او را رحم کرد که آشنای صاحب خر بود مرد
The Master of the (royal) stable saw it and took pity for the man was acquainted with the owner of the ass.
پس سلامش کرد و پرسیدش ز حال کز چه این خر گشت دوتا هم‌چو دال
So he saluted him and asked him what had happened, saying, “What is the cause of this ass being bent double like a dál?”
گفت از درویشی و تقصیر من که نمی‌یابد خود این بسته‌دهن
He replied, “On account of my poverty and destitution this dumb animal is not getting even straw.”
گفت بسپارش به من تو روز چند تا شود در آخر شه زورمند
“Hand him over to me,” said the other, “for a few days, that in the King’s stable he may grow strong.”
خر بدو بسپرد و آن رحمت‌پرست در میان آخر سلطانش بست
He handed the ass over to him, and that merciful man tethered him in the Sultan’s stable.
خر ز هر سو مرکب تازی بدید با نوا و فربه و خوب و جدید
The ass saw on every side (of him) Arab horses, well-fed and fat and handsome and glossy;
زیر پاشان روفته آبی زده که به وقت وجو به هنگام آمده
(He saw the ground) swept (clean) under their feet and sprinkled with water; the straw coming at the (proper) time, and the barley at the hour (when it was expected).
خارش و مالش مر اسپان را بدید پوز بالا کرد کای رب مجید
He saw the horses curry-combed and rubbed down. (Then) he lifted up his muzzle, crying, “O glorious Lord,
نه که مخلوق توم گیرم خرم از چه زار و پشت ریش و لاغرم
Am not I Thy creature? I grant that I am an ass, (but) wherefore am I wretched, with sores on my back, and lean?
شب ز درد پشت و از جوع شکم آرزومندم به مردن دم به دم
At night, because of the pain in my back and the (pangs of) hunger in my belly, I am always wishing to die.
حال این اسپان چنین خوش با نوا من چه مخصوصم به تعذیب و بلا
These horses are so happy and prosperous: why am I singled out for torment and tribulation?”
ناگهان آوازه‌ی پیگار شد تازیان را وقت زین و کار شد
Suddenly came the rumour of war: ’twas the time for the Arab horses to be saddled and brought into action.
زخمهای تیر خوردند از عدو رفت پیکانها دریشان سو به سو
They were wounded with arrows by the foe: the barbs entered them on every side.
از غزا باز آمدند آن تازیان اندر آخر جمله افتاده ستان
(When) those Arab horses returned from the campaign, they all fell down and lay on their backs in the stable.
پایهاشان بسته محکم با نوار نعلبندان ایستاده بر قطار
Their legs were tightly bandaged with (strips of) canvas: the farriers were standing in file,
می‌شکافیدند تن‌هاشان بنیش تا برون آرند پیکانها ز ریش
Piercing their bodies with the scalpel in order to extract the barbs from their wounds.
آن خر آن را دید و می‌گفت ای خدا من به فقر و عافیت دادم رضا
The ass saw (all) that, and was saying, “O God, I am satisfied with poverty and health.
زان نوا بیزارم و زان زخم زشت هرکه خواهد عافیت دنیا بهشت
I have no taste for that (plentiful) food and those hideous wounds.” Every one who desires (spiritual) health abandons the world.




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