The Story of the people of Yúnus

The Story of the people of Yúnus (Jonah), on whom be peace, is a demonstration and manifest proof that humble entreaty and lamentation avert affliction sent from Heaven. And God most High acts by free choice: therefore humble entreaty and reverence avail with Him. The philosophers, however, say that He acts by (the necessity of His) nature and as a cause, not by free choice: therefore humble entreaty (is useless, for it) cannot alter nature. قصه‌ی قوم یونس علیه‌السلام بیان و برهان آنست کی تضرع و زاری دافع بلای آسمانیست و حق تعالی فاعل مختارست پس تضرع و تعظیم پیش او مفید باشد و فلاسفه گویند فاعل به طبع است و بعلت نه مختار پر تضرع طبع را نگرداند

قوم یونس را چو پیدا شد بلا ابر پر آتش جدا شد از سما
When the affliction became visible to the people of Yúnus, a cloud full of fire departed (descended) from heaven.
برق می‌انداخت می‌سوزید سنگ ابر می‌غرید رخ می‌ریخت رنگ
It was shooting (flashes of) lightning, the rocks were burning; the cloud was roaring, cheeks were shedding colour.
جملگان بر بامها بودند شب که پدید آمد ز بالا آن کرب
All (the people) were on the roofs at night, when that woe came into view from on high.
جملگان از بامها زیر آمدند سر برهنه جانب صحرا شدند
All came down from the roofs and went bare-headed towards the open country.
مادران بچگان برون انداختند تا همه ناله و نفیر افراختند
Mothers cast out their children, that all might raise wailing and distressful cries.
از نماز شام تا وقت سحر خاک می‌کردند بر سر آن نفر
From (the time of) the evening prayer till the hour of dawn, those folk were throwing dust on their heads.
جملگی آوازها بگرفته شد رحم آمد بر سر آن قوم لد
(Then) all voices were hushed: the (Divine) mercy came upon that perverse people.
بعد نومیدی و آه ناشکفت اندک‌اندک ابر وا گشتن گرفت
After despair and unrestrained lamentation, little by little the cloud began to turn back.
قصه‌ی یونس درازست و عریض وقت خاکست و حدیث مستفیض
The story of Yúnus is long and broad: it is time (to speak) of the Earth and (resume) the far-spread tale.
چون تضرع را بر حق قدرهاست وآن بها که آنجاست زاری را کجاست
Since humble entreaty has (such) value with God and where (else) has lamentation the price (reward) that it has there?
هین امید اکنون میان را چست بند خیز ای گرینده و دایم بخند
Oh, (take) hope! Now (to-day) gird thy loins tight! Arise, O weeper, and laugh continually,
که برابر می‌نهد شاه مجید اشک را در فضل با خون شهید
For the glorious King is ranking tears as equal in merit to the blood of the martyr.




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