How his friends hindered him

How his friends hindered him from returning to Bukhárá and threatened him, and how he said, “I don’t care.” منع کردن دوستان او را از رجوع کردن به بخارا وتهدید کردن و لاابالی گفتن او

گفت او را ناصحی ای بی‌خبر عاقبت اندیش اگر داری هنر
A candid adviser said to him, “O imprudent man, think of the end (consequence), if thou hast (any) skill.
درنگر پس را به عقل و پیش را همچو پروانه مسوزان خویش را
Consider reasonably the future and the past: do not let thyself be burnt like a moth.
چون بخارا می‌روی دیوانه‌ای لایق زنجیر و زندان‌خانه‌ای
How art thou going to Bukhárá? Thou art mad, thou art (only) fit for chains and the prison-house.
او ز تو آهن همی‌خاید ز خشم او همی‌جوید ترا با بیست چشم
He (the Sadr-i Jahán) is champing iron in his wrath against thee; he is seeking thee with twenty eyes.
می‌کند او تیز از بهر تو کارد او سگ قحطست و تو انبان آرد
He is sharpening the knife for thee: he is (like) the starving dog, and thou (like) the bag of flour.
چون رهیدی و خدایت راه داد سوی زندان می‌روی چونت فتاد
After thou hast escaped and God has given thee the (open) road, thou art going (back) to prison: what is the matter with thee?
بر تو گر ده‌گون موکل آمدی عقل بایستی کز ایشان کم زدی
Had there been ten sorts of custodians over thee, intelligence would have been needed in order that thou might’st become quit of them.
چون موکل نیست بر تو هیچ‌کس از چه بسته گشت بر تو پیش و پس
Since no one is a custodian over thee, wherefore have the future and the past become sealed to thee?”
عشق پنهان کرده بود او را اسیر آن موکل را نمی‌دید آن نذیر
Secret love had made him (the Wakíl) captive: the warner (his critic) was not seeing that custodian.
هر موکل را موکل مختفیست ورنه او در بند سگ طبعی ز چیست
Every custodian’s custodian is hidden; else, wherefore is he (the wicked custodian) in thrall to (his) currish nature?
خشم شاه عشق بر جانش نشست بر عوانی و سیه‌روییش بست
The anger of Love, the King, settled upon his soul and chained him to the (base) office of a myrmidon and to ignominy.
می‌زند او را که هین او رابزن زان عوانان نهان افغان من
It (anger) is striking him and saying, “Hark, strike him (thy captive)!” Woe is me on account of those hidden myrmidons.
هرکه بینی در زیانی می‌رود گرچه تنها با عوانی می‌رود
Whomsoever you see going in a (path of) detriment, he, though (apparently) alone, is going along with a (hidden) myrmidon.
گر ازو واقف بدی افغان زدی پیش آن سلطان سلطانان شدی
If he were aware of him, he would cry out in distress and go into the presence of the King of kings,
ریختی بر سر به پیش شاه خاک تا امان دیدی ز دیو سهمناک
And scatter earth on his head before the King, that he might find security from the frightful Devil.
میر دیدی خویش را ای کم ز مور زان ندیدی آن موکل را تو کور
(But) you, O less than an ant, deemed yourself a prince: hence, blind (as you are), you did not see that custodian.
غره گشتی زین دروغین پر و بال پر و بالی کو کشد سوی وبال
You were deluded by these false wings and plumes the wings and plumes that lead to woe.
پر سبک دارد ره بالا کند چون گل‌آلو شد گرانیها کند
(If) he keep his wings light (unencumbered), he journeys upward; when he becomes defiled with earth, he makes heavinesses (which weigh him down).




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