100 Short Stories in Persian: For Intermediate to Advanced Persian Learners

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100 Short Stories in Persian: For Intermediate to Advanced Persian Learners
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This book will increase your vocabulary by providing fun and interesting short stories in Farsi. Farsi learners will enjoy this entertaining and easy way to improve their Farsi!

This book can help you learn to love reading in Farsi and make it a lifelong habit!


Best Short Stories to Grow Your Vocabulary and Improve Your Persian!

Designed for Persian (Farsi) learners at the intermediate and advanced level, this book includes 100 fun, interesting, and appealing short stories in Farsi. The stories motivate you to enjoy reading enthusiastically. 100 Short Stories in Persian contains simple yet entertaining stories to help you improve your Persian reading and writing skills by covering a diverse range of grammar structures and vocabulary.

Reading short stories is probably the best way for most Farsi learners to improve their Farsi conveniently. If you’re learning Farsi and love reading, this is the book you need to take your Farsi to the next level.

This book comes with a Persian and English glossary, so you can find the meaning of keywords in stories.

Get this book now and start learning Farsi the fun way!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I highly recommend this book.

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