The Ugly Duckling: Short Stories for Kids in Farsi

The Ugly Duckling: Short Stories for Kids in Farsi
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This book will increase your kid\'s vocabulary by associating words in Farsi with beautiful pictures. Kids will enjoy this entertaining and easy way to learn Farsi!

May your child learn to love reading in Farsi and make it a lifelong habit.

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A great aid for building vocabulary and teaching key words and phrases in Farsi!

These cuddly and colored story books present important early concepts in Farsi. With this series of entertaining books, children will have a lot of fun learning the most common Farsi words and phrases.

This must-have for little learners is the ideal source for learning new words and phrases in Farsi. With the text in Farsi and phonetics, this series of storybooks for children offer an ideal first step in learning Farsi. It will be easy and enjoyable for your kid to review Farsi words and phrases with this series of colored books, which present many words and useful phrases accompanied by kid-friendly art.

Age Level: 2 years and older.

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