Persian Poems

Persian is a lovely, elegant, and romantic language and poetry is an essential piece of it. For centuries, the world’s most influential and inspiring poets, whose works attracted many people in the world, have been living in Persian-speaking countries. Therefore, Persian poetry is a unique breed. It’s full of life, love, and romantic phrases and everything beyond.

This section is a collection of the greatest poems of Persian literature ever written. The page includes the most beautiful poems by the greatest Persian poets as Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi, etc. These poems can be useful for students and enjoyable for poetry lovers of any age.

Not only will poems improve your Persian language, but they’ll help your understanding of Persian culture. Students will have ample opportunities to enrich their Persian learning experience and extend a range of language abilities through exploring these poems.


Rumi-Greatest Persian Poet
Hafez-Persian Poet
Saadi Shirazi
Hafez-Persian Poet