The Best Equipment for Teaching Persian Online

Curious about the best equipment for teaching Persian online? This post will cover all the right equipment for teaching Persian online so that setting up your virtual classroom is effortless and fun!

In this article, we introduce some of the best online teaching tools to make your class fun and functional.

Let’s take look at some of the best equipment for teaching Persian online!

If you are working from home as an online Persian teacher, here are the things you will need to get started:

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This post is intended to give you the basic equipment that you’ll need for any online teaching position, but please remember to check with your specific company before getting started.

Here’s a quick look at some of the essential equipment for online teaching.

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Best webcam for online teachingthe Logitech BrioShop now
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Best Equipment For Teaching Persian Online

1. Best Laptop For Teaching Online

Actually, for the most part, all newer laptops will work just fine with teaching online. While the system requirements differ with each online teaching platform, most will accept laptops or computers running Windows 7 and higher and Mac OS 10.X and higher. It is better to get a device with at least 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 processor or above.

As a general rule, if your device can handle a video Skype call or video call at all, it should be able to handle the demands of teaching online. But it’s still important and necessary to check the technical requirements for the company you’re planning to teach with before making a purchase.

Popular laptops for online teaching:

2. Good Internet connection

The next thing you definitely need is a good Internet connection. A video conversation that cuts off all the time, where you can only hear every second word is not really ideal for online courses. Actually, it’s a waste of time and it can easily get on your nerves. It can become the reason you lose your student.

An internet connection via optical fiber is the best and it is very fast. You will have a smooth conversation with your students and this will secure an effective learning process. In fact, for this to happen, you may need a minimum data rate of 5 MB. To know if your Internet connection speed is enough, you can do a test online to check your debit speed or directly call your supplier.

However, it is possible that your connection is slow or you don’t have access to the internet at all. If that’s the case, there are other available options, such as coworking spaces, coffee shops, individual rooms in libraries, etc… where you can easily have access to the Internet connection without connectivity issues. But be careful! If you choose a public space, make sure you don’t disturb the rest of the people in that place, and they don’t disturb you during your class.

3. Best Headset For Teaching Online

Your headset is going to be one of your most important pieces of equipment for teaching Persian online.

Headsets with microphone attachments are required for most online teaching positions because they ensure that the teacher and learners can hear each other clearly. Headsets can also eliminate distracting background sounds and prevent a weird echo sound through the computer.

Important point is, the best headsets for teaching online don’t have to be super fancy, but actually they should be comfortable with some degree of noise cancellation and clear audio.

Most companies will allow you to use earbuds as long as they have a microphone attached, but some online teachers prefer to use an over-ear headset because they’re more comfortable during long teaching sessions and are better at blocking out background sounds.

Features of a good headset for online teachers are lightweight, comfortable, and easy on the budget.

Suggested headset: Logitech H390

4. Best Webcam For Teaching Online

Being able to hear each other is important, but another important point is having visual information. Actually, it allows for a greater bond between the student and the teacher and makes it easier to develop a real human connection. Furthermore, they can understand each other better, show things physically and not only digitally, etc…

A webcam is an optional tool for learners but it’s mandatory if you are a teacher. Most of the recent laptops already have a webcam within the device. But if yours does not work or if your computer or laptop does not have one, then you can get a webcam individually, to add to your device. It is a small investment that will improve the quality of your teaching. The best webcams are:

5. Best Laptop Stand For Teaching Online

The laptop stand allows you to place your laptop up at eye level which is better for your posture. Before, maybe you would stack piles of books or pizza boxes to get your laptop high enough to teach comfortably. But having a laptop stand will makes it easy.

Some suggested laptop stands:

6. Best Dry Erase Board For Teaching Online

A dry-erase board is one of the online teacher’s best friends! You will definitely use it while teaching.
This handy tool can be used with adults and children to illustrate concepts, spell out different words, reward students, or pretty much anything else.

This Dry Erase Board Set comes with colorful markers too!

7. Best Office chair For Teaching Online

One of the most important things for online teachers is having a good chair.
You’ll be sitting in front of your computer or laptops for hours on end. And if you don’t have an ergonomic chair to sit on, be prepared for a lot of back pain and a sore butt.

The best office chairs for teaching online will have an ergonomic design and plenty of adjustabilities. You should be able to adjust the height and incline correctly in order to maintain good posture.

Some online teachers prefer padded office chairs with lots of plush cushioning. We suggest chairs with a more breathable design and a mesh backrest. In fact, this helps air to circulate and keeps you cool while you teach.

Our top pick for the best office chair for teaching online is this FelixKing Office Chair.

Final thoughts

There you have it – all the equipment needed for teaching Persian online. Please don’t worry if you can’t afford everything on this list right now. As long as you have the basics (a laptop, headset, and webcam), you should work well!
Once you’ve got everything you need, all that’s left to do is start teaching online.

Good luck!

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