Learn Persian Poems: 100 Most Common Poems of Hafez

Learn Persian Poems: 100 Most Common Poems of Hafez
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Hafez (1325/26–1389/90) is one of the most famous Persian poets in the history. He has published about 500 ghazals and 42 Rubaiyees. His most popular book, Divan-e Hafez, is a pinnacle of Persian literature and is to be found in the homes of most Iranian people, who learn his poems by heart and still use them as proverbs and sayings. Themes of his ghazals are the beloved, faith, and exposing hypocrisy. Hafiz’s tomb is in Musalla Gardens in Shiraz. His tomb is visited often. Adaptations, imitations and translations of his poems exist in all major languages.

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This book provides 100 most memorable poems of Hafez arranged from least popular to most. At the end of the book you can find some Rubaiyees of Hafez. The translation appearing in this collection is by Henry Wilberforce Clarke (1840 – 1905).

This bilingual book can be useful for students and enjoyable for poetry lovers of any age. Not only will poems improve your Persian language, but they’ll help your understanding of Persian culture. Students will have ample opportunities to enrich their Persian learning experience and extend a range of language abilities through exploring these poems.

Learn Persian Poetry books introduce students with the greatest Persian poets of all time and their best poems of Persian literature ever written. The reference includes the most beautiful poems every Persian student should learn!

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