Read and Write Persian Language in 7 Days: A Workbook and Step-by-Step Guide (Second Edition)

Read and Write Persian Language in 7 Days: A Workbook and Step-by-Step Guide (Second Edition)
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A Perfect Persian Learning Book to Help You Learn Persian Effectively!

Read and Write Persian Language in 7 Days helps you learn how to read and write in Persian Language in a fast and fun way. You can quickly begin to read, pronounce and write in Persian. The book proceeds step-by-step through all the letters of the Persian alphabet, displaying the sounds they stand for and how they are written in words. In addition to the alphabet, you’ll learn basic grammar, sentence structures, and pronunciation. Beyond grammar and alphabet lessons, you will also find comprehensive listings of most common Persian words as well as useful tables that you can use as quick references to speed up your mastery of the language.

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The Most Comprehensive Book to Learn the Persian Language Quickly!

This book offers a solid foundation for learning the Persian language by providing simple grammar rules while enriching vocabulary and comprehension with useful and practical phrases. It is designed to address the needs of Persian students, travelers, and self-learners who need to have a working knowledge of Persian in a few days’ time.

This comprehensive Persian learning book will:

■ Explain the Persian alphabet and how to write Persian letters.

■ Review basic Persian grammar.

■ Help you understand the pronunciation of Persian letters and words.

■ Provide a list of the most common Persian words.

■ Offer exercises that help you develop basic sentence structures.

Read and Write Persian Language in 7 Days is incredibly useful for those who want to learn the Persian language quickly and efficiently.

You’ll be surprised how fast you master the first steps in learning this beautiful language!

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