Is It Possible to Teach Myself the Persian Language? Part 2

Learning a foreign language is one of the most rewarding things you can do in Your life. But also it can be a frustrating process.

So if you’re feeling demotivated and unhappy, get positive again with our top tips for learning Persian. These tips will help you make the most of your time so you get the best results quickly.

How can I learn Persian quickly?

The more time you spend interacting with Persian speakers (especially native Persian speakers) the more quickly your skills will develop. Language immersion programs help learners learn Persian much faster using this method, and it can work for you too!

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Get The Right Mindset

Harry Ford’s famous quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

What he meant is that YOU are the only reason and responsible that you either succeed or fail. Now, we know that some learners have a more difficult life, with fewer resources. But very often, it isn’t a lack of money to buy language courses or textbooks that stops people from learning Persian. On the other hand, when people want to succeed, actually they do because they find a way, whether they have resources or not.

Here are some mindset tips and tricks that will help you succeed – whatever your personal circumstances:

1. Persian is a journey

Please don’t give up before you even start. Every step you make will help you in learning Persian. Even small steps are better than no steps at all. Remember to be consistent, and you will see your progress.

2. Understand your “why”

When you know why you want to learn Persian, everything becomes easier. It’s easier and better to keep going when there’s a reason – whether that reason is for career progression, studying, or just making new friends.

3. Believe in yourself

You can do this! You can speak your first language, so you can speak the second one. When things get tough, you can take a moment to look back at where you started, and how far you have already come. You’ll definitely be amazed at the progress you’ve already made!

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Look For Shortcuts

We all know that languages are systems for communication, and like all systems, there are shorter and easier ways to do some things.

When you find shortcuts, you can take less time to do or understand something. Here are a few examples of what we mean:

1. Learn fluent phrases rather than individual Persian words

Fluent phrases are so much easier to learn and remember because the words go together naturally. In fact, all you need to do is add the details to build sentences. It’s so easier and quicker to learn a phrase or collocation than to learn each Persian word separately.

2. Please understand “aspect” for tense choice

Here’s a quick example. Generally, we use the “continuous” aspect to talk about temporary things. So as you know in the present continuous tense, these are temporary things happening now. And also in the past continuous, these are temporary things that were happening around a time in the past.

There are similar rules for the simple and perfect aspects. You should learn how to use these, and the tense choice becomes much simpler.

3. «Good enough» is better than «perfect»

For many situations, you won’t need to be so much perfect. Being good enough is fine. Please don’t let an obsession with perfection stop you from finishing an email or making a phone call!

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