It is Easier to Learn Persian With These 10 Strategies

If you’ve found a Persian teacher you love, that’s fantastic! A great Persian course with a qualified instructor will give you essential skills and guidance.

But – and this is a big “but” – your Persian teacher can’t always be there, and they can’t force you to practice. Actually, they aren’t sitting in your house, constantly reminding you to do some review.

To increase your chances of fluency, you need to build on the skills your teacher is providing by making Persian part of your daily life.

The following list is full of practical exercises that will help you learn Persian in a useful and enjoyable way!

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The best exercises to learn Persian

1. Read authentic texts

To get the most from your Persian reading practice, choose real-life materials – we’re not talking textbooks, here!

Whether you choose Persian blogs, news articles, recipes, or celebrity interviews, it’s all excellent practice. Persian words are all around you – read whatever you can find!

2. Use graded readers

If you’d like to read a Persian book, try a graded reader. These books are categorized by level, so you can easily find an appropriate book for yourself. You’ll feel great when you finish your first Persian book!

3. Keep a journal

If you’ve ever written essays in a Persian class, you might think you’ve got writing covered. Academic writing skills are valuable and good, but you should try some other activities to work on your daily written language.

Write in your diary regularly to describe recent events, your plans, or your thoughts and feelings. Writing about a personal topic makes writing practice more interesting.

4. Blog

Why not start a Persian blog? You can write about whatever interests you, as long as it’s in Persian!

5. Listen to podcasts

Persian listening practice is fun because there’s something for everyone!

With podcasts on nearly every topic, you will probably find something you’ll enjoy. Usually, podcasts are recorded in a quiet studio, so the dialogue is clear. You can also find the show’s transcript (a written document showing what the podcasters said), so you can read along as you listen.

YouTube Farsi Lessons:

6. Watch videos and movies

Persian movies and YouTube videos are fantastic tools. Different from podcasts, a movie scene often has a lot of distractions and noise. This can be useful, especially for higher-level language learners: you’re forced to focus on the actors’ words and sentences despite all the activity around them (much like real life). Also, you can use subtitles on Persian movies or online videos to help you through a difficult part or to check your understanding.

7. Listen to music

You can almost always find the lyrics to a song online. As you listen, follow along by reading the lyrics, or guess the Persian words and check to see if you were right.

8. Make labels

Many Persian learners try to memorize as much vocabulary as possible – including words they’ll probably never use. It’s much more useful to learn Persian vocabulary in context (in real situations).

Putting different sticky-note labels on items around your home will get that vocab to stick in your head! Seeing those Persian words around you all the time will also signal your brain to think in Persian.

9. Keep a notebook

As you go through your day, note new Persian words you come across: ones you like, don’t understand, or want to learn more about. This is definitely better than studying random lists of vocabulary because these are words you’ve actually read or heard in your real life (so you know they’re useful).

10. Go on social media

It doesn’t get more authentic than this! Follow Persian Page and channel on a platform like Instagram, YouTube, or Telegram. Social media will give you a crash course in Persian slang, abbreviations, and more!

Great Tips:

A) Sing along to music

Melody and rhythm help us memorize new Persian vocabulary in context. So check out artists like Mohsen Chavoshi or Mohsen Yeganeh and join them in singing in Persian. With time, you will get the right pronunciation and be able to impress your friends by talking about music.

B) Make friends

In fact, friends are always good to have and especially helpful when you are new to a country. Socializing is also a good way to immerse yourself in the Persian language. You can speed up your learning while having fun. A great way to make friends is by joining a sports club or some other kind of organized activity. If you feel shy, try a single word now and then. Greet them with سلام (hello) and say goodbye with خداحافظ.

C) Goodbye in Persian and other words 

For a quick start, try to learn these Persian words:

خیلی ممنونم – thanks a lot

بریم؟ – Shall we go?

داری میای؟ – Are you coming?

دوست – friend

خداحافظ – Goodbye

شب بخیر – Good night

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