How Mu‘áwiya again exposed

How Mu‘áwiya again exposed the deceitfulness of Iblís. باز تقریر کردن معاویه با ابلیس مکر او را

گفت امیر او را که اینها راست است
لیک بخش تو ازینها کاست است‏
The Amír said to him, “These things are true, but your share in these things is wanting.
صد هزاران را چو من تو ره زدی
حفره کردی در خزینه آمدی‏
You have waylaid hundreds of thousands like me: you have made a hole and have come into the treasure-house.
آتشی از تو نسوزم چاره نیست
کیست کز دست تو جامه‏ش پاره نیست‏
You are fire and naphtha: you are fire: I cannot help being burned by you. Who is there whose raiment is not torn to pieces by your hand?
طبعت ای آتش چو سوزانیدنی است
تا نسوزانی تو چیزی چاره نیست‏
Inasmuch as it is your nature, O fire, to be a cause of burning, there is no help but you must burn something.
لعنت این باشد که سوزانت کند
اوستاد جمله دزدانت کند
This is God’s curse (on you), that He makes you burn (things) and makes you the master of all thieves.
با خدا گفتی شنیدی رو برو
من چه باشم پیش مکرت ای عدو
You have spoken with God and heard (Him speak) face to face: what should I be (able to do) before your deceit, O enemy?
معرفتهای تو چون بانگ صفیر
بانگ مرغانی است لیکن مرغ گیر
Your stock of knowledge is like the sound of (the fowler’s) whistle: it is the cry of birds, but it is bird-ensnaring.
صد هزاران مرغ را آن ره زده ست
مرغ غره کاشنایی آمده ست‏
That (whistle) has waylaid myriads of birds, the bird (in each case) being duped (by the fancy) that a friend is come.
در هوا چون بشنود بانگ صفیر
از هوا آید شود اینجا اسیر
When it hears in the air the sound of the whistle, it comes (down) from the air and is made captive here.
قوم نوح از مکر تو در نوحه‏اند
دل کباب و سینه شرحه شرحه‏اند
Through your deceit the people of Noah are in lamentation: they have hearts charred and bosoms (torn) to shreds.
عاد را تو باد دادی در جهان
در فگندی در عذاب و اندهان‏
You gave ‘Ád in this world to the wind (of destruction): you cast (them) into torment and sorrows.
از تو بود آن سنگسار قوم لوط
در سیاه آبه ز تو خوردند غوط
Through you was the stoning of the people of Lot: through you were they sunk in the black rain-water.
مغز نمرود از تو آمد ریخته
ای هزاران فتنه‏ها انگیخته‏
Through you was the brain of Nimrod crumbled, O you that have raised thousands of turmoils!
عقل فرعون ذکی فیلسوف
کور گشت از تو نیابید او وقوف‏
Through you the intelligence of Pharaoh, the acute and sage, became blinded, (so that) he found no understanding.
بو لهب هم از تو نااهلی شده
بو الحکم هم از تو بو جهلی شده‏
Through you also Bú Lahab became an unworthy one; through you also Bu ’l- Hakam became a Bú Jahl.
ای بر این شطرنج بهر یاد را
مات کرده صد هزار استاد را
O you that on this chessboard, for the sake of remembrance, have checkmated hundreds of thousands of masters,
ای ز فرزین بندهای مشکلت
سوخته دلها سیه گشته دلت‏
O you by whose difficult attacking moves (our) hearts have been burned and your (own) heart has been blackened,
بحر مکری تو خلایق قطره‏ای
تو چو کوهی وین سلیمان ذره‏ای‏
You are the sea of cunning, (and all) the creatures (are but) a drop: you are like a mountain and (we) simple ones (are but) a mote.
کی رهد از مکر تو ای مختصم
غرق طوفانیم الا من عصم‏
Who shall escape from your cunning, O adversary? We are drowned in the flood, except them that are protected (by God).
بس ستاره‏ی سعد از تو محترق
بس سپاه و جمع از تو مفترق‏
By you many a fortunate star has been burned: by you many an army and host have been scattered.”




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