How the merchant cast the parrot

How the merchant cast the parrot out of the cage and how the dead parrot flew away برون انداختن مرد تاجر طوطی را از قفس و پریدن طوطی مرده‌‌

بعد از آنش از قفس بیرون فگند
طوطیک پرید تا شاخ بلند
After that, he cast her out of the cage. The little parrot flew to a lofty bough.
طوطی مرده چنان پرواز کرد
کافتاب از چرخ ترکی تاز کرد
The dead parrot made such a (swift) flight as when the orient sun rushed onward.
خواجه حیران گشت اندر کار مرغ
بی‌‌خبر ناگه بدید اسرار مرغ‌‌
The merchant was amazed at the action of the bird: without understanding he suddenly beheld the mysteries of the bird.
روی بالا کرد و گفت ای عندلیب
از بیان حال خودمان ده نصیب‌‌
He lifted up his face and said, “O nightingale, give us profit (instruction) by explaining thy case.
او چه کرد آن جا که تو آموختی
ساختی مکری و ما را سوختی‌‌
What did she (the parrot) do there (in India), that thou didst learn, devise a trick, and burn us (with grief)”?
گفت طوطی کاو به فعلم پند داد
که رها کن لطف آواز و وداد
The parrot said, “She by her act counselled me—‘Abandon thy charm of voice and thy affection (for thy master),
ز آن که آوازت ترا در بند کرد
خویشتن مرده پی این پند کرد
Because thy voice has brought thee into bondage’: she feigned herself dead for the sake of (giving me) this counsel,
یعنی ای مطرب شده با عام و خاص
مرده شو چون من که تا یابی خلاص‌‌
Meaning (to say), ‘O thou who hast become a singer to high and low, become dead like me, that thou mayst gain release.’”
دانه باشی مرغکانت بر چنند
غنچه باشی کودکانت بر کنند
If you are a grain, the little birds will peck you up; if you are a bud, the children will pluck you off.
دانه پنهان کن بکلی دام شو
غنچه پنهان کن گیاه بام شو
Hide the grain (bait), become wholly a snare; hide the bud, become the grass on the roof.
هر که داد او حسن خود را در مزاد
صد قضای بد سوی او رو نهاد
Any one who offers his beauty to auction, a hundred evil fates set out towards him (and overtake him).
چشمها و خشمها و رشکها
بر سرش ریزد چو آب از مشکها
(Evil) eyes and angers and envies pour upon his head, like water from waterskins.
دشمنان او را ز غیرت می‌‌درند
دوستان هم روزگارش می‌‌برند
Foes tear him to pieces from jealousy; even friends take his lifetime away.
آن که غافل بود از کشت بهار
او چه داند قیمت این روزگار
He that was heedless of the sowing and the springtide, how should he know the value of this lifetime?
در پناه لطف حق باید گریخت
کاو هزاران لطف بر ارواح ریخت‌‌
You must flee to the shelter of God’s grace, who shed thousand fold grace upon (our) spirits,
تا پناهی یابی آن گه چون پناه
آب و آتش مر ترا گردد سپاه‌‌
That you may find a shelter. Then how (will you lack) shelter? Water and fire will become your army.
نوح و موسی را نه دریا یار شد
نه بر اعداشان به کین قهار شد
Did not the sea become a friend to Noah and Moses? Did it not become overbearing in vengeance against their enemies?
آتش ابراهیم را نی قلعه بود
تا بر آورد از دل نمرود دود
Was not the fire a fortress for Abraham, so that it raised smoke (sighs of despair) from the heart of Nimrod?
کوه یحیی را نه سوی خویش خواند
قاصدانش را به زخم سنگ راند
Did not the mountain call Yahyá (John the Baptist) to itself and drive off his pursuers with blows of stone? 
گفت ای یحیی بیا در من گریز
تا پناهت باشم از شمشیر تیز
“O Yahyá,” it said, “come, take refuge in me, that I may be thy shelter from the sharp sword.”




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