How the Prophet, on whom be peace

How the Prophet, on whom be peace, manifested a miracle by the speaking of the gravel in the hand of Abú Jahl—God’s curse on him!—and by the gravel’s bearing witness to the truth of Mohammed, on whom be God’s blessing and peace. اظهار معجزه‌‌ی پیغامبر علیه السلام به سخن آمدن سنگ ریزه در دست ابو جهل و گواهی دادن سنگ ریزه بر حقیقت محمد علیه الصلاة و السلام‌‌


سنگها اندر کف بو جهل بود
گفت ای احمد بگو این چیست زود
There were some pebbles in the hand of Bú Jahl: “O Ahmad,” said he, “tell quickly what this is.
گر رسولی چیست در مشتم نهان
چون خبر داری ز راز آسمان‌‌
If thou art the Messenger (of God), what is hidden in my fist? (Speak), since thou hast knowledge of the mysteries of Heaven.”
گفت چون خواهی بگویم کان چهاست
یا بگویند آن که ما حقیم و راست‌‌
He said, “How dost thou wish (me to do)? Shall I say what those (hidden) things are, or shall they declare that I am truthful and right?”
گفت بو جهل این دوم نادرتر است
گفت آری حق از آن قادرتر است‌‌
Bú Jahl said, “This second (thing) is more extraordinary.” “Yes,” said the Prophet, “(but) God hath greater power than that.”
از میان مشت او هر پاره سنگ
در شهادت گفتن آمد بی‌‌درنگ‌‌
Without delay, from the middle of his (closed) fist every pebble began to pronounce the (Moslem’s) profession of faith.
لا إله گفت و إلا الله گفت
گوهر احمد رسول الله سفت‌‌
Each said, “There is no god” and (each) said, “except Allah”; (each) threaded the pearl of “Ahmad is the Messenger of Allah.”
چون شنید از سنگها بو جهل این
زد ز خشم آن سنگها را بر زمین‌‌
When Bú Jahl heard this from the pebbles, in his anger he dashed those pebbles on the ground.




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