How ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased

How ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, bade him (the harper) turn his gaze from the stage of weeping, which is (self-) existence, to the stage of absorption (in God( گردانیدن عمر نظر او را از مقام گریه که هستی است به مقام استغراق که نیستی است‌‌

پس عمر گفتش که این زاری تو
هست هم آثار هشیاری تو
Then ‘Umar said to him, “This wailing of thine is also (one of) the marks of thy sobriety (self-consciousness).
راه فانی گشته راهی دیگر است
ز آن که هشیاری گناهی دیگر است‌‌
The way of him that has passed away (from self-consciousness) is another way, because sobriety is another sin.
هست هشیاری ز یاد ما مضی
ماضی و مستقبلت پرده‌‌ی خدا
Sobriety exists (arises) from recollection of what is past: past and future are to thee a curtain (separating thee) from God.
آتش اندر زن به هر دو تا به کی
پر گره باشی از این هر دو چو نی‌‌
Cast fire on them both: how long, because of these twain, wilt thou be full of knots (joints) like a reed?
تا گره با نی بود هم راز نیست
همنشین آن لب و آواز نیست‌‌
Whilst the reed is knotted, it is not a sharer of secrets: it is not the companion of the (flute-player’s) lip and voice.
چون به طوفی خود به طوفی مرتدی
چون به خانه آمدی هم با خودی‌‌
When thou art (engaged) in going about (seeking God) thou art indeed wrapped in (thy) going about: when thou hast come home, thou art still with thyself (self-conscious).
ای خبرهات از خبر ده بی‌‌خبر
توبه‌‌ی تو از گناه تو بتر
O thou whose knowledge is without knowledge of the Giver of knowledge, thy repentance is worse than thy sin.
ای تو از حال گذشته توبه جو
کی کنی توبه از این توبه بگو
O thou that seekest to repent of a state that is past, say, when wilt thou repent of this repentance?
گاه بانگ زیر را قبله کنی
گاه گریه‌‌ی زار را قبله زنی‌‌
At one time thou turnest to the (low) sound of the treble, at another thou dost kiss (art in love with) weeping and wailing.”
چون که فاروق آینه‌‌ی اسرار شد
جان پیر از اندرون بیدار شد
When Fárúq (‘Umar) became a reflector of mysteries, the old man’s heart was awakened from within.
همچو جان بی‌‌گریه و بی‌‌خنده شد
جانش رفت و جان دیگر زنده شد
He became without weeping or laughter, like the soul: his (animal) soul departed and the other soul came to life.
حیرتی آمد درونش آن زمان
که برون شد از زمین و آسمان‌‌
In that hour such a bewilderment arose within him that he went forth from earth and heaven
جستجویی از ورای جستجو
من نمی‌‌دانم تو می‌‌دانی بگو
A seeking and searching beyond (all) seeking and search: I know not (how to describe it); (if) you know, tell!
حال و قالی از ورای حال و قال
غرقه گشته در جمال ذو الجلال‌‌
Feelings and words beyond (all) feelings and words he had become drowned in the beauty of the Lord of majesty,
غرقه‌‌ای نه که خلاصی باشدش
یا بجز دریا کسی بشناسدش‌‌
Drowned, not in such wise that there should be for him any deliverance, or that any one should know him except the (Divine) Ocean.
عقل جزو از کل گویا نیستی
گر تقاضا بر تقاضا نیستی‌‌
Partial reason would not be telling of (the mysteries of) the Universal (Reason), if there were not demand after demand (perpetual Divine impulses necessitating the manifestation of these mysteries).
چون تقاضا بر تقاضا می‌‌رسد
موج آن دریا بدین جا می‌‌رسد
Since demand after demand is arriving, the waves of that Sea (Universal Reason) reach this place (the world of partial reason).
چون که قصه‌‌ی حال پیر اینجا رسید
پیر و حالش روی در پرده کشید
Now that the story of the old man’s (spiritual) experiences has come to this point, the old man and his experiences have withdrawn behind the veil.
پیر دامن را ز گفت‌‌وگو فشاند
نیم گفته در دهان ما بماند
The old man has shaken his skirt free from talk and speech: half of the tale has remained in our mouth (has not been told).
از پی این عیش و عشرت ساختن
صد هزاران جان بشاید باختن‌‌
It behoves (us), for the sake of procuring (such) delight and enjoyment, to gamble away (sacrifice) hundreds of thousands of souls (lives).
در شکار بیشه‌‌ی جان باز باش
همچو خورشید جهان جان‌‌باز باش‌‌
In chase of the spiritual forest be (as) a falcon, be one who gambles his soul (life) away, like the sun of this world.
جان فشان افتاد خورشید بلند
هر دمی تی می‌‌شود پر می‌‌کنند
The lofty sun is life-diffusing: every moment it becomes empty and is filled.
جان فشان ای آفتاب معنوی
مر جهان کهنه را بنما نوی‌‌
O Sun of Reality, diffuse spiritual life, show forth newness to this old world!
در وجود آدمی جان و روان
می‌‌رسد از غیب چون آب روان‌‌
Soul and spirit are coming from the Unseen into human existence, like running water.




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