5 Effective and Efficient Ways to Learn Persian in 2022

Learners have different reasons why they want to learn Persian. It can be of great advantage when a person likes to travel to Iran. It can make you better at Persian while making you more decisive and smarter.

Being able to speak one or two foreign languages is beneficial to a person’s cognitive process. Physiologically speaking, research has shown that the brains of bilingual people function differently than the brains of persons who speak only one language. according to experts, the differences have many cognitive advantages. But we should say that these benefits are only apparent if the person regularly speaks several languages. Even learners who study other languages when they are already adults can still achieve the same level of fluency as those who learn languages at young ages.

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1. Start speaking the language from day one

Be it for work, travel, or university, most of us are learning a new language to communicate with people. At the same time, many language learners lack speaking skills and consider it one of the most daunting things to practice. Generally, this alone can lead to procrastination which leads to a lack of practice, then before you realize it you’re stuck in a vicious circle.

To break out of this rut, start speaking Persian as soon as you start learning. No matter what level you are at, say what you learned. Even if it’s just a few phrases – please say them out loud to yourself, or start using them in conversations. Find ways to practice Persian speaking every day. You may start small, but actually, the more you do it the better your skills will get, the more you’ll like it, and the less likely you’ll be to procrastinate.

2. Find media not available in your mother tongue

On one hand, watching your favorite movies or series dubbed in Persian is a great way to learn. On the other, you may still be tempted to turn on subtitles or even switch the voiceover to your mother tongue.

To avoid this, look for media that isn’t available in your mother tongue. It can be a movie that is only available in Persian, a Persian podcast, or a YouTube channel without subtitles, blogs, magazines, or social media posts.

It will help you avoid the temptation of using your mother tongue, find new exciting content and new exciting ways to practice Persian, and also give you a motivation boost that will stop your procrastinating.

3. Please pay attention to what’s working and what’s not 

We are human and we have different learning styles and different approaches to language learning. Also, it’s true that even great resources won’t necessarily work for you. It doesn’t make them bad or it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Actually, they just aren’t a good match for your needs and learning style.

We think, with so many language resources and strategies out there, it’s important and necessary not to keep using or doing something that doesn’t resonate with you. Even if it’s the latest trend. You need to be honest with yourself and analyze your own learning style: what works for you and what doesn’t, what topics you enjoy learning about, which media you prefer, and what brings your better results.

And please remember, there’s no shame in dropping a resource, tool, book, or method if it’s not serving you. In fact, when you use more suitable resources, you will be more motivated, have more fun, and learn more successfully.

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4. Read recipes in Persian

Another way is to look for recipes in the Persian language. Even if you do not know how to cook, it’s another way to learn the Persian language that can help your reading skills in the same way that you try to read a book.

Food is a great motivator and you don’t have to spend a thing to find recipes in Persian online. If you like food or you like to eat (at least), then you’ll find the motivation to understand the ingredients in the Persian language. Usually, recipes relatively use simple language.

You will quickly learn new Persian words. Also, you’ll learn the terms for vegetables, fish, meat, and other ingredients in Persian. Maybe you even take up cooking or at least try to cook the recipe you’ve been reading. As you know, having a good meal is a great reward for all your efforts.

5. Watch movies in Persian

You’ll find so many movies and series with subtitles in Persian online. Most of them are professionally done. it’s obvious that it might take some getting used to initially as you have to watch the video while reading the subtitles.

Later, you will have the knack for it, since you’ll be able to pick up most of the Persian words and quickly understand parts of the dialogue. The repetitive use of Persian words helps in committing them to memory. Also, you can try to turn off the subtitles so you can practice your Persian listening skills. Actually, it will help in comprehending the language in its local, not formal usage. You’ll be able to pick up and learn to use common Persian idioms and phrases, as well.

If you’re watching Persian movies or series on YouTube and other video streaming sites, you can click the CC (closed captions) button to turn off the subtitles. Another thing you’ll definitely acquire is an appreciation for Persian series and movies.

Please adjust the speed of the playback so you can understand the dialogue and make the back and pause buttons your friends in the meantime. If you find it hard to understand what’s being said, you can turn the English subtitles on.

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