7 tips on speaking Persian fluently and confidently

If you practice daily, you can become fluent in Persian and speak fluently. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to learn Persian quickly and take the stress away from speaking.

Here are we have prepared the top seven tips to get you speaking Persian with confidence.

Want to speak Persian fluently? Please read the following tips carefully

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1. Listen in

In fact, every good conversation starts with good listening. Learning a language is no different. Listen carefully to the phrases that native Persian speakers use and copy them. Listen to music or watch movies in Persian to improve your pronunciation to pick up idioms or expressions you can use.

2. Have a notebook

Bring a notebook to write down the words you hear, and then find the meaning of the word in the dictionary. You can also write down the words on your mobile.

3. Hack your memory

Use all your senses to help lock new Persian words into your memory bank. Say them, spell them out loud, then write them on sticky notes and you can stick them on the items they describe around the house.

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4. Turn up the volume

Dive into the Persian music scene to find an artist you like then sing along to the lyrics. This is a good way to practice your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency.

5. Record yourself

Actually, seeing how far you’ve come is key to keeping up motivation. You can record yourself speaking and then play it back in a few months. Yes, maybe it is cringeworthy, but if you can pick up your own mistakes, you’ll see just how much you’ve improved!

6. Create a personal phrasebook

Learn how to speak Persian by talking about topics that are relevant to you. If you work in healthcare, learn Persian phrases to help you talk about your job. Do you own a cat? Prepare answers to the questions you always get asked or teach your cat to sit in Persian.

7. Speak up

The more you speak Persian, the more your confidence will grow. Yes, you’ll make some mistakes, but please don’t let that slow you down. Even native Persian speakers make mistakes! Practice makes perfect.

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