How to improve your Persian listening by watching movies?

Surely you have also thought about how you can improve your Persian listening skills, because this skill is one of the 4 main skills for learning a language.
Maybe you don’t want to spend time improving your listening and think that it is difficult.
But here are some enjoyable and simple ways to enhance your listening skills.

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1. The benefits of watching movies

Watching movies is a great way to boost your Persian listening skills. You will hear Persian used in a natural way, informal Persian, Persian words, and phrases you do not often find in books or dictionaries.

2. Watch Persian films with subtitles in your language

Again, this is not as good practice as Persian language films with Persian subtitles, but is more relaxing, because it can be easier to find suitable subtitles.

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3. Binge on Persian movies

This one is a way of learning Persian for adults who are heading towards a more advanced level. Start watching with English subtitles, then once you can hear which words are relating to which meanings switch to Persian subtitles, then when you’re feeling really confident, none at all.

Usually, media players have a cool feature that allows you to slow down playback. It can help you to understand words and sentences better.

4. Watch films in your language with Persian subtitles

If you are finding Persian movies with Persian subtitles too difficult or you can’t find Persian movies with Persian subtitles on the internet, this is a good second-best option. Looking for movies in your native language with Persian subtitles can also sometimes be a good sign of quality, as it means the producers of the movie are expecting it to be popular internationally as well.

5. Watch the same movie or different episodes over and over again

This can not only save your time, but will mean that you can really learn this language without having to study it. Some comedy movies can also get funnier the more you watch them, especially if you watch movies with no subtitles and so understand a little more each time you watch them.

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