How to learn Persian faster as an adult?

How much time is needed to learn Persian for adults?

Try not to rush how fast you think you should be learning. Obviously, the more time you can dedicate to learning Persian the faster you master Persian, but even just 10 minutes a day to reinforce a longer study sesh at the weekend can make the difference. It’s more important that you find a method of learning Persian for adults that you enjoy, and that you keep it in your mind beyond your study time instead of switching off until your next language session.

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1. Take a Persian course

Although you cannot expect to come out of a short course speaking much better Persian than when you started it, if you continue studying a little over the following weeks and months, the knowledge you gained then will gradually come out and mean that your level of listening, speaking, etc. improved and are better than they would have been if you hadn’t taken that Persian course. And it is said that, this positive effect can still be true up to a year later.

2. Be childish

It’s not good to rely on reading and writing, listening is really important, too. At the beginning of learning Persian as an adult, you will have no chance of being able to pick up full-speed adult conversations, so we highly recommend using children’s shows instead.

We don’t expect you’ll be able to understand much straight away, so use subtitles (in English, or Persian if you’re feeling up to it!).

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3. Teach your children or friends some Persian

Recent researches and studies have shown that elder kids tend to be a couple of IQ points above their younger siblings, and the main and most likely reason is that explaining things to their little brothers and sisters gives them an intellectual boost. In the same way, teaching someone lower level than you the Persian you already know is a great way of permanently fixing this knowledge in your own mind.

4. Rope in a housemate

With so many people cooped up together during continued lockdowns, actually, this is the perfect opportunity to embark on a little project with a housemate/family member. In fact, having someone there at the same level as you can be great for pooling resources, practicing what you’ve learned, and motivating each other to study Persian.

5. Have Persian radio on in the background while you are doing your housework

Even if you are not listening carefully, it will help you get a feel for natural Persian rhythm and intonation.

Important Tips:

1. Take Time to Learn

Usually, when you get to learn what you were keen to learn, you become excited. Understandably, excitement causes you to learn a whole lot of language lessons in a single period. In reality, as you know it is not possible to swallow everything in a day. Over time, maybe you lose your confidence or enthusiasm to learn from a website, or the lessons may sound tedious.

Don’t give up. You can mix up the plans and reschedule the lesson time, just like restarting your PC. Please revise the notes to keep up the track, so you don’t get lost in advanced sessions.

2. Avoid Translating

Actually, translating is a good habit if you are a skillful bilingual. But during the process of learning, avoid translating Persian into English. It slows down your natural Persian learning rhythm. If it becomes a habit to remember an English word while saying Persian, you can never speak freely or fluently.
Furthermore, It can create confusion and cross-linguistic problems in the future.

3. Learn the Language not the Resource

It often happens that we lean on the resources, books or sites, or instructors instead of the focal point. Spending time digging up a slightly better site or teacher is going to make you fall in dissatisfaction. In fact, you will always think the other was a better option. So you have to focus on learning the Persian Language, not the resources.

We think, this determination clears your mind. Please forget about resources, and emphasize the Language.

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