Tehran Bazaar

There is a big and old bazaar in Tehran, which is called Tehran Bazaar and is located in the center of the city. This bazaar is located between the streets of Rumi in the south, Sirus in the east, 15 Khordad in the north, and Khayyam in the west.

Panzdeh Khordad Square (one of the famous squares in the south of Tehran) is located outside the bazaar range and Sabzeh Maidan is located in the bazaar range. One of the main passages in the market is Loti Saleh Pass.

Every day, people from different parts of Tehran or cities come to this market to provide their daily necessities. The presence of people in this market is sometimes so high that it is difficult to commuting. This large market has a variety of sections and offers a variety of items such as clothing, shoes, home furnishings, furniture and many other items.

In the past, this market was very effective in providing the equipment needed by the people. But today, with the expansion of modern markets and large shopping centers throughout Tehran, the importance of the Tehran Bazaar has decreased; But it is still considered by the citizens of Tehran and other cities.

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Architecture and different parts of Tehran Bazaar


This market, which today covers an area of 105 hectares, has expanded throughout history and many changes have taken place in its various dimensions. The overall architecture of this market is very complex and has many back alleys that add to its tourist attraction.
Multiple arches and traditional vents are the most impressive decorations on the market. The roof over some parts of the market did not exist at first and was added later. Brick domes are one of the special beauties of the market.

Different parts of bazaar

This bazaar has different sections that include, cafe, bath, mosque, caravanserai, each of which belongs to a specific section.

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