Chehel Sotoun Palace

Chehel Sotoun Palace is one of the historical monuments of Isfahan province in Iran. The palace, which covers an area of sixty-seven thousand square meters, was built in the late sixteenth century. Large and very beautiful halls have given a magnificent view to this historical monument.

The magnificent painting ceiling of the hall, the eighteen columns and the mirrored ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors and the mirrored entrance of the Joloos hall, along with their huge columns, each of which is the size of a sycamore tree trunk, are masterpieces of Iranian art and architecture that fascinate everyone.

Mirror hall, the 18 Sotoun hall, the two large rooms north and south of the Mirror hall, the porches on either side of the royal hall, and the large pool in front of the hall with all the paintings, mirrors, and tiles on the walls and ceilings show the original Iranian architecture.

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Chehel Sotoun Architecture and Museum


The architecture of this palace is a combination of Chinese, Iranian and European architecture and includes a main porch. The columns of this octagonal porch are made of wood of sycamore and pine. The middle four pillars are placed on four stone lions.


The Forty Pillars Museum was founded in October 1948, and after several stages of reconstruction and restoration of the Forty Pillars Palace, the Forty Pillars Museum now has manuscripts and historical manuscripts, decorative utensils, and works in the field of fine arts such as carpets, rugs, pottery, and porcelain. Objects in the Chehel Sotoun Museum include following collections:

  • Collection of pottery and tile works
  • A set of glassware
  • A collection of coins from prehistoric times to the present
  • Collection of works of the historical period and works of the Islamic period
  • Collection of works of Safavid era
  • Collection of lithographs and historical writings
  • A collection of unique and old hand-woven carpets

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