Tochal Peak

Tochal is a peak in the north of Tehran (the capital of Iran) with an altitude of about 4000 meters, which is part of the Alborz mountain range. The southern slope of Tochal is adjacent to the city of Tehran and its peak overlooks this city.
Tochal Peak, due to its proximity to Tehran, always has a large number of climbers. Many people go to Tochal Peak, especially on weekends for excursions, recreation, and sports. Many reach this beautiful peak by hiking for several hours. Some with a cable car that has seven stations and The last station is near Tochal peak, they reach this spectacular place.

Tochal cable car has three main lines and one ski line. In total, the length of the three main cable car lines is close to 7500 meters, which is one of the longest installed cable car lines among the world cable cars.
It is possible to climb the Tochal peak from different routes. Along the way, signs have been installed to guide mountaineers and explanations have been given about that area and the routes ahead. Tochal entertainment complex has various entertainments such as cable cars, ski slopes, sleds, bungee jumping, etc. In addition to mountaineering, skiing, and cable cars, which are popular temperature activities, there are various other activities from sledding to archery and virtual reality available in this complex.

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Tochal entertainments

Tochal cable car

Tochal cable car is one of the most famous attractions of Tochal, which has three main lines and seven stations, one ski line, and three cable lines. Station one is located at an altitude of 1,900 meters, stations two and three are located at an altitude of 2,480 meters, stations five and six are located at an altitude of 2,910 meters, and station seven is located at an altitude of 3,680 meters. With a length of approximately 7,500 meters, this cable car is one of the longest cable car lines in the world, which allows you to travel comfortably at an altitude of 3,680 meters above sea level, and you can enjoy the pleasant air of Tehran’s heights. If you like to use the Tochal cable car, you should know that May, June, October, and November are the best time to climb the Tochal peak.

Tochal Snowmobile

The snowmobile is a motor to move in the snow, which is one of the exciting pastimes of the resort; And with this device, you can move very fast in a winding and snowy path. Currently, in the seventh station of Tochal cable car and right next to the ski slope, the possibility of snowmobile riding is provided for those who are interested in speed and excitement. Women can also use these facilities; Before moving, you will be told the essentials of driving a snowmobile.

Tochal ski resort

Tochal ski resort is one of the most popular ski slopes in the capital and the closest ski resort to Tehran, so you no longer need to spend a lot of time driving and returning to your place of residence after an exciting day of skiing. Due to its high altitude in the seventh station, which reaches 3,500 meters above sea level, this resort is the first snow-covered ski resort in the country, which can often be used for eight months of the year in rainy years. Tochal ski resort, which is 1,200 meters long, starts from the bottom of Tochal peak at an altitude of 3,850 meters and ends at an altitude of 3,550 meters.
Due to the appropriate slope of the resort, it is an ideal place for ski enthusiasts. To access this resort, you have to go to the seventh station of the cable car. In addition to skiing, the resort has a cable car, a hotel, and two restaurants.

Tochal sleigh

Tochal sledge was designed by a German company in 2015 and in addition to the standard certificate of the National Organization of Iran, it has been approved by the German Tuv company, which is the most reputable European inspection and standard company.
Tochal sleigh with a length of 1,420 meters is the title of the most exciting and longest sled track in Iran and is an ideal place for fun and entertainment. This sledge can move 250 people per hour. To experience double excitement, go sledding during the night to see the beautiful view of Tehran in the dark of night.

Tochal Archery Club

Tochal Archery Club with an area of ​​1,500 square meters is located on the Salamat Road and is the only standard club in the country with the license of the Physical Education Organization. Those who are interested in shooting with 10 bullets and an unlimited time to use them in one session; In addition, all the equipment is provided to them for free and with free initial training, they can have a different experience. This complex is equipped with a lawn, 15 shooting targets, and 20 shooting bows. In addition to the use of archery facilities, ping pong, darts and handball are other entertainments of this club.

Hiking and mountaineering in Tochal

The Tochal hiking starts from the main parking lot and ends at the first station, which is two kilometers long. This path is known as the path of health. Among the health path promenades, we can mention the first and second health parks, which are equipped with pavilions, benches, and lighting.
The beautiful area of the waterfall and the cave area with spectacular views are one of the main attractions of Tochal. Bame Tehran is also famous for its special and general; Beautiful areas equipped with benches and lighting that is extraordinary in terms of weather and scenery of Tehran. The mountaineering route starts from the first station and continues to the Tochal peak. The distance from station one to two is equal to 3.5 km, station two to five is 6.2 km, station five to seven is 5.3 km and station seven to Tochal hotel is 1.9 km, which is about 17 km in total. The main mountaineering route is from the second station onwards and there are no amenities up to station 5.

Tochal zip line

Tochal zip line is the largest zip line in the country, which is located on the health road in the second park. The length of the zip line is 200 meters and its height is 70 meters, which can be experienced with the safety equipment free of charge. It is not possible to use the Tochal zip line on rainy and snowy days. In this zip line, four different types of flights are considered, which will be different according to the weight of the person, cable, and equipment, and consequently, the prices will also be different. Normally a person sits in a chair and experiences flight by grabbing the handles of a spool. In the second method, the person is attached to the spool from the back and will enjoy the feeling of being suspended in the air with free hands and feet.
In the third model, which is very similar to the real fly, the person is attached to the spool from the waist and the back of the legs and flies horizontally like a bird. The fourth method, which is the peak of excitement and fear for the person, is known as the bungee model, and the enthusiasts are connected to the spool only from the ankles.

Bame Tehran (roof of Tehran)

Bame Tehran (roof of Tehran) is undoubtedly the most famous part of Tochal, which stands out at the highest point of Velenjak, and in addition to its extraordinary view of the capital, it has become popular because of its pleasant climate. Due to the many chairs that are located in this place and you can relax on them, the existence of various restaurants and cafes has made many people visit this pleasant atmosphere. For this reason, it becomes very crowded on holidays and finds a cozy and calm atmosphere during the rest of the week.

Tochal Tennis Club

Tochal Tennis Club, which is located in the first station of the cable car, is equipped with 6 clay tennis courts with international standards and therefore, is one of the best tennis clubs in Tehran. Due to the spectacular view of Tehran, the pleasure of playing tennis in this complex is doubled. It is possible to use this club for men and women; In addition, it has a shop where you can buy tennis equipment.

Tochal billiards Cafe

Tochal Billiards Cafe is located on the left side of Salamat Road and slightly ahead of the shooting club. In addition to playing billiards, Foosball is also intended for entertainment. It can be used for men, women and families, and the basic training of the game will be free. In addition to the cafe services, you can enjoy soft music, cozy and secluded environment and delicious food.

Tochal Hotel

Tochal Hotel was built on an area of ​​2,430 square meters at an altitude of 3,545 meters above sea level. This hotel started in 2001 in the ski resort of Tochal and its facilities include a lobby with pleasant views of the resort, a luxurious restaurant, internet in the lobby, parking, laundry, coffee shop, recreational and sports facilities such as billiards, ping Pong and the movie display system noted.
The Double Room, Single Room, Royal Suite (Triple), Normal Suite (Triple), Twin Room (Double) and VIP Room (Double) are the rooms of Tochal Hotel, which suggest a dreamy and memorable stay. Ski enthusiasts can stay at the hotel during the winter; However, in other seasons, it has a special, calm and cool atmosphere.

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