On Kindness to the Unworthy حکایت مهربانی با افراد نالایق

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

I have heard that a man some home sorrow endured,
For bees in his roof had their dwelling secured.
He asked for a big butch er’s-knife from his dame
To demolish the nest of the bees was his aim.  
  شنیدم که مردی غم خانه خورد
که زنبور بر سقف او لانه کرد
His wife said, “Oh, do not effect your design!
For the poor bees, dispersed from their dwelling, will pine.”  
  زنش گفت از اینان چه خواهی؟ مکن
که مسکین پریشان شوند از وطن
The foolish man yielded and went his own way;
His wife with their stings was assaulted one day.
The man from his shop to his dwelling returned;
At his wife’s stupid folly, with anger he burned.  
  بشد مرد نادان پس کار خویش
گرفتند یک روز زن را به نیش
The ignorant woman, from door, street and roof,
Was shouting complaints, while the man gave reproof!  
  زن بی خرد بر در و بام و کوی
همی کرد فریاد و می‌گفت شوی:
“Do not make your face sour in men’s presence, oh wife!
Deprive not you said, ‘ the poor bees of their life! ”
On behalf of the bad, why beneficence show?
Forbear with the bad and you make their sins grow.  
  مکن روی بر مردم ای زن ترش
تو گفتی که زنبور مسکین مکش
کسی با بدان نیکویی چون کند؟
بدان را تحمل، بد افزون کند
When oppression of men, in a ruler, you note,
With a sharp-cutting sword you should tickle his throat.
That a dog should have ” food-trays,” what worth has he shown?
Give orders, so that they may toss him a bone!  
  چو اندر سری بینی آزار خلق
به شمشیر تیزش بیازار حلق
سگ آخر که باشد که خوانش نهند؟
بفرمای تا استخوانش دهند
The village priest, nicely, this proverb expressed:
“For the pack-horse that kicks, heavy burdens are best”
When the night-watch, patrolling, civility shows,
At night, from the thieves, not a soul gets repose.
چه نیکو زده‌ست این مثل پیر ده
ستور لگدزن گرانبار به
اگر نیکمردی نماید عسس
نیارد به شب خفتن از دزد، کس
In the centre of battle the cane of one spear
Is, than thousands of sugar-canes, reckoned more dear.
That all are not worthy of riches, is clear;
One needs riches, another a box on the ear.  
  نی نیزه در حلقه کارزار
بقیمت تر از نیشکر صد هزار
نه هر کس سزاوار باشد به مال
یکی مال خواهد، یکی گوشمال
When you rear up a cat, off your pigeons it bears;
If a wolf you should fatten, your Joseph it tears.
The building whose base is not stable and true,
Raise not lofty! or show for it dread, if you do  
  چو گربه‌نوازی کبوتر برد
چو فربه کنی گرگ، یوسف درد
بنائی که محکم ندارد اساس
بلندش مکن ور کنی زو هراس


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