Story OF AN OPPRESSOR حکایت در معنی خاموشی از نصیحت کسی که پند نپذیرد

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

Of a wicked oppressor, a tale they relate,
That he exercised sov’reignty over a State.
In his reign people’s days were as dark as the night;
And at night, people slept not, from terror and fright.  
  حکایت کنند از جفا گستری
که فرماندهی داشت بر کشوری
در ایام او روز مردم چو شام
شب از بیم او خواب مردم حرام
At his hand, pious men were all day in despair ;
The holy, at night, held their hands up in pray’r.
In front of the sheikh of that period, a band
Said, weeping, because of the tyrant’s harsh hand, 
  همه روز نیکان از او در بلا
به شب دست پاکان از او بر دعا
گروهی بر شیخ آن روزگار
ز دست ستمگر گرستند زار
” Oh guide I in whom learning and wisdom appear,
Advise this young man that the Lord he should fear !”
He replied, “I am loath to declare the Friend’s name ;
For all are not worthy His message to claim.”  
  که ای پیر دانای فرخنده رای
بگوی این جوان را بترس از خدای
بگفتا دریغ آیدم نام دوست
که هر کس نه در خورد پیغام اوست
When you find that a man thinks the truth is not right,
Oh sir! do not talk about truth to that wight !
The Truth, oh wise king! I explained to you well ;
To a God-fearing person, the Truth you can tell.  
  کسی را که بینی ز حق بر کران
منه با وی، ای خواجه، حق در میا
At teaching fools knowledge, I care not to toil ;
For the seed I but waste in a profitless soil.
They think me a foe when it fails to take root,
And grieve in their hearts and molest me, to boot.  
  دریغ است با سفله گفت از علوم
که ضایع شود تخم در شوره بوم
چو در وی نگیرد عدو داندت
برنجد به جان و برنجاندت
Oh monarch! your aim is to do what is right ;
Hence the heart of the truth-speaking person has might.
Oh favoured a seal has a feature well known
It makes an impression on wax, not on stone.  
  تو را عادت، ای پادشه، حق روی است
دل مرد حق گوی از این جا قوی است
نگین خصلتی دارد ای نیکبخت
که در موم گیرد نه در سنگ سخت
No wonder the tyrant through me suffers grief,
Since I am the watchman and he is the thief !
You, too, are a watchman in justice and right;
May the watching of God be your guard day and night !  
  عجب نیست گر ظالم از من به جان
برنجد که دزدست و من پاسبان
تو هم پاسبانی به انصاف و داد
که حفظ خدا پاسبان تو باد
Not yours is the favour, comparison says ;
To the Maker be thanksgiving, merit, and praise !
That in doing good works, He has kept you employed ;
And not left you, like others, with effort destroyed,  
  تو را نیست منت ز روی قیاس
خداوند را من و فضل و سپاس
که در کار خیرت به خدمت بداشت
نه چون دیگرانت معطل گذاشت
Evry one in the plain of exertion may play,
But, the ball-of-bestowing, each bears not away.
By striving, you did not obtain Paradise ;
God caused a good nature within you to rise.
همه کس به میدان کوشش درند
ولی گوی بخشش نه هر کس برند
تو حاصل نکردی به کوشش بهشت
خدا در تو خوی بهشتی سرشت
May your heart be enlightened and tranquil your time !
May your footing be sure and your rank be sublime !
May your lifetime be happy ! your going be fair !
Received be your worship ! and answered your prayer !
دلت روشن و وقت مجموع باد
قدم ثابت و پایه مرفوع باد
حیاتت خوش و رفتنت بر صواب
عبادت قبول و دعا مستجاب


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