Story op the sultan of rum حکایت ملک روم با دانشمند

Story op the sultan of rum حکایت ملک روم با دانشمند

Bustan Saadi بوستان سعدی

have heard that Rurrts Sultan with tears in his eyes,
Said in presence of one who was pious and wise: —
“By the hand of my foe of all strength I’m bereft,
There is nought, save this city and fort, with me left  
  شنیدم که بگریست سلطان روم
بر نیکمردی ز اهل علوم
که پایابم از دست دشمن نماند
جز این قلعه در شهر با من نماند
I have worked very hard that my child in my stead,
Should be chief of the Council as soon as I’m dead.
Now the foe of base breeding has put me to rout,
And my fingers of manhood are twisted about
بسی جهد کردم که فرزند من
پس از من بود سرور انجمن
کنون دشمن بدگهر دست یافت
سر دست مردی و جهدم بتافت
What course shall I follow? what remedy prove,
That from body and soul I may sorrow remove? ”
The sage became vexed, saying, “Why do you cry?
At such wisdom and pluck, it becomes one to sigh!
چه تدبیر سازم، چه درمان کنم؟
که از غم بفرسود جان در تنم
بگفت ای برادر غم خویش خور
که از عمر بهتر شد و بیشتر
Your country! What is it? Subdue your own fears!
For.’tis sure to be better and greater by years.
This much is sufficient for you, to live on;
The world is another’s as soon as you’re gone.
تو را این قدر تا بمانی بس است
چو رفتی جهان جای دیگر کس است
Your son may be wise or he may be a muff —
Do not bother! he’ll bear his own grief well enough!
It repays not the trouble to be the Earth’s head —
To seize with the sword and let go when you’re dead.  
اگر هوشمندست وگر بی‌خرد
غم او مخور کو غم خود خورد
مشقت نیرزد جهان داشتن
گرفتن به شمشیر و بگذاشتن
Take care of yourself! that as sapience shows;
And he who succeeds you will bear his own woes.
With the ”five days of grace that are left, do not play!
By reflection, arrange to depart on your way.
Of the monarchs of Persia, whom now do you know?
For they practised oppression on high and on low.
که را دانی از خسروان عجم
ز عهد فریدون و ضحاک وجم
Whose kingdom and throne will not suffer decay?
No kingdom, except the Almighty’s, will stay.
که در تخت و ملکش نیامد زوال؟
نماند به جز ملک ایزد تعال
No person need hope to remain here secure,
For even the earth will not always endure.
If a person has silver and gold and supplies,
Under foot they’ll be trodden, soon after he dies.
که را جاودان ماندن امید ماند
چو کس را نبینی که جاوید ماند؟
کرا سیم و زر ماند و گنج و مال
پس از وی به چندی شود پایمال
Hence, mercy incessantly reaches the soul
Of the person, whose goodness continues to roll.
وزان کس که خیری بماند روان
دمادم رسد رحمتش بر روان
The man of distinction, who left a good name,
Since he died not, could unto the pious exclaim: —
بزرگی کز او نام نیکو نماند
توان گفت با اهل دل کو نماند
‘That you nurse Liberality’s tree, have a care! ‘
And Felicity’s fruit you will certainly share.
الا تا درخت کرم پروری
گر امیدواری کز او بر خوری
Bestow! that, to-morrow, when justice they mete,
Becoming your kindness, they give you a seat’
The man who, in running, has striven the most,
At the Court of the Lord gets the loftiest post.
کرم کن که فردا که دیوان نهند
منازل بمقدار احسان دهند
یکی را که سعی قدم پیشتر
به درگاه حق، منزلت بیشتر
If a man be a traitor and conscious of shame,
He conceals it as though he possessed a good name.
یکی باز پس خاین و شرمسار
نیابد همی مزد ناکرده کار
Till his teeth bite the back of his hand, let him sin!
An oven so hot and no bread shut within!
At the time of removing the grain, you will read
That it argues neglect, not to sow any seed.”
بهل تا به دندان برد پشت دست
تنوری چنین گرم و نان درنبست
بدانی گه غله برداشتن
که سستی بود تخم ناکاشتن


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