Intensive Farsi Course

Online Lessons

Reach your Farsi goal faster by taking more lessons!

Our Intensive course is 5 to 14 lessons a week. 5 days a week, or even 7 days a week!

This course is a great chance to improve your fluency quickly!


You’ll get more out of this course if

You want a focused lesson and may have specific learning aims, for your work or for yourself.

You want to improve your Farsi in a short time-period.

You’d like plenty of individual attention from the teacher

You want have a long stay and fully dedicate your time to learning Farsi.

You want to benefit from spending as much time as possible.

What can you expect on this course?

  • More exposure to Farsi
  • Intensive focus on all skills
  • Topic-based lessons in everyday contexts
  • A focused yet relaxed classroom environment

Intensive Farsi Courses focus on the four most important aspects of language learning – reading, writing, listening and speaking.


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