Concerning the qualities of the Pír

Concerning the qualities of the Pír

Concerning the qualities of the Pír (Spiritual Guide) and (the duty of) obedience to him در صفت پیر و مطاوعت وی‌‌

ای ضیاء الحق حسام الدین بگیر
یک دو کاغذ بر فزا در وصف پیر
O Splendour of the Truth, Husámu’ddín, take one or two sheets of paper and add (them to the poem) in description of the Pír.
گر چه جسم نازکت را زور نیست
لیک بی‌‌خورشید ما را نور نیست‌‌
Although thy slender body hath no strength, yet without the sun (of thy spirit) we have no light.
گر چه مصباح و زجاجه گشته‌‌ای
لیک سر خیل دلی سر رشته‌‌ای‌‌
Although thou hast become the lighted wick and the glass (lamp), yet thou art the heart’s leader (the Spiritual Guide): thou art the end of the thread (which serves as a clue).
چون سر رشته به دست و کام تست
درهای عقد دل ز انعام تست‌‌
Inasmuch as the end of the thread is in thy hand and will, the pearls (of spiritual knowledge) on the heart’s necklace are (derived) from thy bounty.
بر نویس احوال پیر راهدان
پیر را بگزین و عین راه دان‌‌
Write down what appertains to the Pír (Guide) who knows the Way:—Choose the Pír and regard him as the essence of the Way.
پیر تابستان و خلقان تیر ماه
خلق مانند شب‌‌اند و پیر ماه‌‌
The Pír is (like) summer, and (other) people are (like) the autumn month; (other) people are like night, and the Pír is the moon.
کرده‌‌ام بخت جوان را نام پیر
کاو ز حق پیر است نز ایام پیر
I have bestowed on (my) young Fortune (Husámu’ddín) the name of Pír (old), because he is (made) old by the Truth, not (made) old by Time.
او چنان پیری است کش آغاز نیست
با چنان در یتیم انباز نیست‌‌
So old is he that he hath no beginning: there is no rival to such a unique Pearl.
خود قوی‌‌تر می‌‌شود خمر کهن
خاصه آن خمری که باشد من لدن‌‌
Verily, old wine grows more potent, especially the wine that is the presence of God.
پیر را بگزین که بی‌‌پیر این سفر
هست بس پر آفت و خوف و خطر
Choose a Pír, for without a Pír this journey is exceeding full of woe and affright and danger.
آن رهی که بارها تو رفته‌‌ای
بی‌‌قلاووز اندر آن آشفته‌‌ای‌‌
Without an escort you are bewildered (even) on a road you have travelled many times (before):
پس رهی را که ندیده ستی تو هیچ
هین مرو تنها ز رهبر سر مپیچ‌‌
Do not, then, travel alone on a Way that you have not seen at all, do not turn your head away from the Guide.
گر نباشد سایه‌‌ی او بر تو گول
پس ترا سر گشته دارد بانگ غول‌‌
Fool, if his shadow (protection) be not over you, then the cry of the ghoul will keep you (wandering about) with your head in a whirl.
غولت از ره افکند اندر گزند
از تو داهی‌‌تر در این ره بس بدند
The ghoul will (entice you) from the Way (and) cast you into destruction: there have been in this Way many craftier than you (who have perished miserably).
از نبی بشنو ضلال رهروان
که چشان کرد آن بلیس بد روان‌‌
Hear (learn) from the Qur’án the perdition of the wayfarers, what the evil-souled Iblís did unto them:
صد هزاران ساله راه از جاده دور
بردشان و کردشان ادبار و عور
He carried them far—a journey of hundreds of thousands of years—from the Highway, and made them backsliders and naked (devoid of good works).
استخوانهاشان ببین و مویشان
عبرتی گیر و مران خر سویشان‌‌
Behold their bones and their hair! Take warning, and drive not your ass towards them!
گردن خر گیر و سوی راه کش
سوی ره‌‌بانان و ره دانان خوش‌‌
Seize the neck of your ass (the flesh) and lead him towards the Way, towards the good keepers and knowers of the Way.
هین مهل خر را و دست از وی مدار
ز آن که عشق اوست سوی سبزه‌‌زار
Beware! do not let your ass go, and do not remove your hand from him, because his love is for the place where green herbs are plentiful.
گر یکی دم تو به غفلت واهلیش
او رود فرسنگ‌‌ها سوی حشیش‌‌
If you carelessly leave him free for one moment, he will go (many) leagues in the direction of the herbage.
دشمن راه است خر مست علف
ای که بس خر بنده را کرد او تلف‌‌
The ass is an enemy to the Way, (he is) madly in love with fodder: oh, many is the attendant on him that he has brought to ruin!
گر ندانی ره هر آن چه خر بخواست
عکس آن کن خود بود آن راه راست‌‌
If you know not the Way, whatsoever the ass desires, do the contrary thereof: that, surely, will be the right Way.
شاوروهن پس آن گه خالفوا
إن من لم یعصهن تالف‌‌
(The Prophet said), “Consult them (women), and then oppose (them in what they advise): he that disobeys them not will be ruined.”
با هوا و آرزو کم باش دوست
چون یضلک عن سبیل الله اوست‌‌
Be not a friend to (sensual) passion and desire, since it leads you astray from the Way of God.
این هوا را نشکند اندر جهان
هیچ چیزی همچو سایه‌‌ی همرهان‌‌
Nothing in the world will break (mortify) this passion like the shadow (protection) of fellow-travellers.




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