The banefulness of the action of the bird

The banefulness of the action of the bird that abandons prudence from (motives of) greed and vain desire. وخامت کار آن مرغ کی ترک حزم کرد از حرص و هوا

باز مرغی فوق دیواری نشست دیده سوی دانه دامی ببست
Again, a bird settles on a wall and fastens its eyes upon the grain in a trap.
یک نظر او سوی صحرا می‌کند یک نظر حرصش به دانه می‌کشد
Now it looks towards the open country, (while) now its greed leads it to look at the grain.
این نظر با آن نظر چالیش کرد ناگهانی از خرد خالیش کرد
This look struggles with that look and suddenly makes it (the bird) empty of wisdom.
باز مرغی کان تردد را گذاشت زان نظر بر کند و بر صحرا گماشت
Again, a bird that has abandoned that vacillation turns its gaze away from that (grain) and fixes it upon the open fields.
شاد پر و بال او بخا له تا امام جمله آزادان شد او
Glad (glistening) are its wings and pinions: how goodly it is, since it has become the leader of all the free.
هر که او را مقتدا سازد برست در مقام امن و آزادی نشست
Every one who makes it his model is saved and sits in the abode of security and freedom,
زانک شاه حازمان آمد دلش تا گلستان و چمن شد منزلش
Because his heart has become the king of the prudent, so that the rosery and garden (of Paradise) has become his dwelling-place.
حزم ازو راضی و او راضی ز حزم این چنین کن گر کنی تدبیر و عزم
Prudence is pleased with him, and he pleased with Prudence: do likewise, if you would act with foresight and resolution.
بارها در دام حرص افتاده‌ای حلق خود را در بریدن داده‌ای
Many a time have you fallen into the snare of greed and given up your throat to be cut;
بازت آن تواب لطف آزاد کرد توبه پذرفت و شما را شاد کرد
Again He that graciously disposes (hearts) to repentance hath set you free and accepted your repentance and made you glad.
گفت ان عدتم کذا عدنا کذا نحن زوجنا الفعال بالجزا
He hath said, “If ye return thus, We will return thus: We have wedded the actions to the retribution.
چونک جفتی را بر خود آورم آید آن را جفتش دوانه لاجرم
When I bring one mate to Myself, the other mate inevitably comes running (after it).
جفت کردیم این عمل را با اثر چون رسد جفتی رسد جفتی دگر
We have mated this action with the effect: when one mate arrives, another mate arrives.”
چون رباید غارتی از جفت شوی جفت می‌آید پس او شوی‌جوی
When a raider carries off the husband from the wife, the wife comes after him, seeking her husband.
بار دیگر سوی این دام آمدیت خاک اندر دیده‌ی توبه زدیت
Once more ye have come towards this snare and have thrown dust in the eyes of repentance.
بازتان تواب بگشاد از گره گفت هین بگریز روی این سو منه
Again that Forgiving One hath loosed that knot for you and hath said, “Beware! Flee! Set not your face in this direction!”
باز چون پروانه‌ی نسیان رسید جانتان را جانب آتش کشید
Again, when the mandate of forgetfulness arrived, it drew your soul towards the Fire.
کم کن ای پروانه نسیان و شکی در پر سوزیده بنگر تو یکی
O you moth, do not show any forgetfulness and doubt: look once at your burnt wing!
چون رهیدی شکر آن باشد که هیچ سوی آن دانه نداری پیچ پیچ
Since you are saved, the thanksgiving is this, that you should have no inclination towards that grain,
تا ترا چون شکر گویی بخشد او روزیی بی دام و بی خوف عدو
In order that, when you say thanks, He may bestow on you the daily bread that is without snare and without fear of the enemy.
شکر آن نعمت که‌تان آزاد کرد نعمت حق را بباید یاد کرد
In thanksgiving for the bounty shown in setting you free, it behoves you to commemorate the bounty of God.
چند اندر رنجها و در بلا گفتی از دامم رها ده ای خدا
How oft in sorrows and in tribulation have you cried, “O God, deliver me from the snare,
تا چنین خدمت کنم احسان کنم خاک اندر دیده‌ی شیطان زنم
That I may do suchlike service (to Thee) and practise beneficence and throw dust in the eyes of the Devil!”




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