Description of some saints

Description of some saints who are content with the (Divine) ordainments and do not beseech (God) to change this decree.صفت بعضی اولیا کی راضی‌اند باحکام و لابه نکنند کی این حکم را بگردان

بشنو اکنون قصه‌ی آن ره‌روان که ندارند اعتراضی در جهان
Now listen to a story of those travellers on the Way who have no objection in the world.
ز اولیا اهل دعا خود دیگرند که همی‌دوزند و گاهی می‌درند
Those of the saints who make invocation are in sooth different (from these travellers): sometimes they sew and sometimes they tear.
قوم دیگر می‌شناسم ز اولیا که دهانشان بسته باشد از دعا
I know another class of saints whose mouths are closed to invocation.
از رضا که هست رام آن کرام جستن دفع قضاشان شد حرام
Because of the content (quietism) that is subservient to (possessed by) those noble ones, it has become unlawful for them to seek to avert Destiny.
در قضا ذوقی همی‌بینند خاص کفرشان آید طلب کردن خلاص
In (submitting to) Destiny they experience a peculiar delight: it would be (an act of) infidelity for them to crave release.
حسن ظنی بر دل ایشان گشود که نپوشند از عمی جامه‌ی کبود
He (God) hath revealed to their hearts such a good opinion (of Him) that they do not put on the blue garb (of mourning) on account of any sorrow.




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